by Harold Reynolds

I picked up on the idea of a memorial to Dippers who have passed, which was enhanced by the parade of celebrities leaving the land of the living. Not that it seems to have let up any (Mary Tyler Moore, John Hurt, etc.).

Another friend was laid to rest today,
As leaves fell like tears from the nearby tree.
The heavens wept from heavy clouds of gray,
As we bid farewell to Death's new draftee.

One water drop does not make a rainbow,
But as they stop falling, the rainbow fades.
Every leaf helps the tree cast a shadow,
But when they're fallen, what will make the shade?

When you crossed the bridge, you left us behind.
When we walk out the gates, we're leaving you.
Missing you is more than a state of mind;
We feel empty and don't know what to do.

Though physically gone, you live in our heart.
With no light from your smile, our world is dark.

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