by Mario Huys

A brasserie in Paris
A brasserie in Pari(s)

A Spring issue in the midst of Summer, it's as if we're not keeping up. Yet we published a Winter issue in January and released the 2017 Fall issue in between. So broadly speaking we're keeping pace. And thanks to a few spontaneous submissions, we can't complain about quantity and quality in this issue either. Keep it coming!

As luck may have it, not that much is happening in the outside world that deserves mentioning. A photo op in Singapore here, a press conference in Finland there. A Soccer World Cup that went past most Americans, as they weren't even in it. But with the semi-finals exclusively European, it did start to look like a Diplomacy board. If you'd allow Belgium (killers of top favorite Brazil) and Croatia (subduers of host nation Russia) the temporary status of world power, that is. International recognition, finally! England made a commendable effort finishing fourth, but it was super power France that lifted the trophy high in the Russian capital. Four years ago it was Germany. This does start to sound like a World Diplomacy Tournament, doesn't it? The real WDC will be held in Washington in October, as Chris Martin wants all of you to know. My money is on France on the Top Table. The odds are good.

There have been many World War I remembrances the past 4 years. But as this it's all coming to a close this year and the American doughboys are finally joining the fray, this looked like an opportunity to do one of those specials that the Pouch is renowned for. The final 100 days, recounted day by day, first on Facebook, then in the Zine. The preview article in this issue explains it in more detail and actually contains some stuff that you didn't see on FB. Thank Larry for his indomitable spirit to execute this huge task in record time. 100 pages and counting.

And if this one issue isn't enough for you, do check the list of articles. I've been reorganizing the topics section into a two-tiered structure, which should make it easier to locate articles of interest and closely related ones. There's a ton of material there that you probably haven't read yet. Time to catch up.

Enjoy the Pouch!

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