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Spring 2018 Movement Issue

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The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
From Moscow to Washington is just a small step if you're writing an editorial. The connecting factor is of course a soccer Diplomacy tournament, although the two could certainly be combined in a single long weekend. Hitting the ball straight?
Chris Martin: The Video Academy: Unintended Antagonism
Chris Martin has started a new video series to teach us a few tricks of the trade. Lesson 1: Don't let your failed moves send the wrong message.
Luiz Neto: The Morean Opening
When is an opening worthwhile? When it offers two sworn enemies like Italy and Austria a chance to cooperate.
Mario Huys: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat — The Stirring Case of the Double French
Holmes receives a mysterious telegram that smells like trouble – or the proverbial storm in a coffee pot.
Larry Peery: Diplomacy Art: The Brosius Allan B. Calhamer Diplomacy Map
A Diplomacy map as a cake might be good for a short-lived Instagram hit, but a Diplomacy map as a rug is good for the ages.
Tahseen Hasan: Surrender
Being eliminated early in the game isn't much fun. Tahseen offers a mechanism that might keep the small picks longer around to plan their wholly exhilarating rebound.
Markus Zijlstra: The Artillery Arms Scenario
A new video puzzle aimed at squeezing your nearly eliminated power in a 3-way draw. Based on a real life game, as we're able here to find out.
Torsten Bille: All About Convoy Paradoxes
The final word on the convoy paradox? Paradoxically that's neither possible nor impossible. You get the point.
Mario Huys: Last Man Standing — Operation Saigon
The battlefields of Asia lie wide open to our intrepid explorers. Next stop: Saigon.
Larry Peery: Book Reviews for Diplomats and Diplomates: Biographies
Biographies are about people who accomplished something. Count me out.
Harold Reynolds: Smooth Operator
A husky voice, a man on the move in a shady world. All the ingredients for a song that grips you by the throat.
Larry Peery: The Hundred Last Days — Introduction, Teasers and Sneak Previews
A century ago WWI was drawing to a close. We're going to zoom in on the last 100 days, day by day, on Facebook and in the Zine. Stay tuned.

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