by Harold Reynolds

Our Poet Laureate turns his talents to a new poetic form, rounding it off with a 感動的 (kandôteki/heart-felt) personal sentiment.

With only one port,
The construction of fleets should
Be left to others.

It is hard to rule
The waves when they are full of
Other players' fleets.

Just because I'm France,
It does not pay to assume
That I will surrender.

Please give me a chance
To prove to my neighbours that
I have the Reich stuff.

I'm shaped like a boot.
So why do my neighbours want
To walk all over me?

Unlike your mother,
Your welfare is not a concern
of Mother Russia.

Yellow is pretty
When there are lots of pieces
All over the board.

A chair and coffee,
For me until end of game?
I hate all of you.

Harold Reynolds

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