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Spring 2015 Movement Issue

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The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Welcome to a new year of the Pouch!
Mario Huys: Predicting conflicts and conflicting predictions
Are you a predictable player? The actions of players represent the one random factor in Diplomacy, and judge Mario and his courtroom have something to say about that…
Norm de Guerre: 50 Shades of Grey Press
The mysterious Norm de Guerre offers a few ideas about the uses of grey press in Diplomacy. Can you influence others with your press when they don't know who sent it?
Norm de Guerre: Grey Press in Black and White
Following up on his 50 shades article, Norm provides a few concrete examples of how to do grey press right!
Mario Huys and Manus Hand: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat — The Costly Case of the Last Man Standing
If we reprint a 3 year old case, it can only mean one thing: A solution is in the making. Refresh your memory on one of the greatest feats ever displayed on the Diplomacy board.
Baron Powell: A Possible Change to the 1900 Map
The France of the 1900 variant has been changed significantly from its incarnation in classic Diplomacy. Does it need to be changed a bit more? David Ackley and Baron discuss some suggested modifications.
Harold Reynolds: Diplomacy by the Letters, Part II — The Great Powers
Our resident poet has been hard at work! Enjoy his artistic works, which have now expanded to describe each one of the Great Powers — including the three Asian additions of the Youngstown variant!
Larry Peery: Newspaper Editorial Cartoons from World War I
Larry has a look at the editorial cartoons of a century ago, when the Great War was in full swing.
Mario Huys: The Modern Art of War
In the Modern variant, Egypt's corner position may be even more solid than Turkey's — as Mario found out in his latest game!
Larry Peery: Diplomacy for the 21st Century
With only two types of units, our favorite game is clearly out of date. What about aircraft, submarines, and weapons of mass destruction? Larry has a few thoughts on what it would take to update the game to represent the modern world…
Conrad von Metzke: On Matters of True and Everlasting Diplomacy
In this reprint from Diplomacy World #70, Conrad von Metzke confesses his admiration for Sigmund Freud.
Larry Peery: Growing the Hobby VII — December 7 2015, A Day to Celebrate
What about a world-wide event to honor our hobby's founder with a one-day event on his birthday? Larry thinks that would be a fine idea, and we agree.

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