by Jon Ashman

We have all read the Machiavelli rules on debt repayment and thought we understood them. However, I am always surprised how many people believe bankruptcy is inevitable, thinking they will be unable to repay their debt due to the 25d principal limit, when in reality the debt is still serviceable with a complete understanding of the rules. A JavaScript App is provided below to help the Machiavellian with their financial planning.

Current Information Orders to Submit
Present Year:
Present Turn:
Present Treasury: ducats
Winter Turn
Save exactly ducats in the winter turn.
Debt Due Date Principal/Interest in ducats

Fill out the table and then click 'Submit'. A suggestion for your financial orders will then be displayed in the right hand panel. Some notes:

  • Alter the ducats you save in the Winter turn to optimise your results.
  • Some people will like to make alterations to the suggested loan periods (ie 1 year loans or 2 year loans), so please feel free to consider the output as a starting point.
  • The algorithm minimises the interest repayments.
  • The algorithm also tries to spread your debt evenly over a year, as this will assist you to service or pay down your debt in future years.
  • Your financial orders will be given up to a Fall turn, for a minimum of at least a full year.
  • The algorithm makes use of the Machiavelli Financial Tip.

Machiavelli Financial Tip

Debt repayment on the never-never becomes a real possibility if we remember payments to the bank in a turn occur before new debt is taken out. In general here is a tip:

"If you have an imminent loan to repay always use the 'Pay to Bank' command to cover as much as the debt as possible from your treasury."

This will maximise the amount of additional loans you can take out in a turn. This will be explained more fully in a further article.

Jon Ashman

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