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Spring 1999 Movement Issue

Your Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Mostly this is just your basic "About" column. It starts with the now tiresomely repetitive stock apology that the issue is so danged late, and it then raves about the issue's contents. Standard stuff, right? Well, there's a nice surprise stuck at the end; one that will make your mouth water....

Richard Adams: We'll Inherit The Earth
(Or at least we'll inherit one of its Great Powers.) Richard explores more aspects of replacement player philosophy. What to do and why when you are the new kid on the block.

Neil Barr: Towards a Machiavelli Hall of Fame
Neil begins to do for Machiavelli what has been done for the standard game and a number of other variants -- track some power and player statistics.

Greg Brown: German Army to Silesia
You're Germany. Silesia is German territory. It's completely within your national border. So why are you afraid to send an army there in Spring of 1901? Greg tells you that you shouldn't be, and why.

Alex Churchill: Cantabrigia
A lot of people play Diplomacy at college. Alex, at Cambridge, took this one step further....

Tom Woodhouse: Diplomatic Tactics
Believe it or not, this is not another article on Diplomacy tactics. Instead, it's an article on diplomatic tactics. Geared specifically for the new player, Tom offers sage advice to make those first steps into the hobby as steady as possible.

Brandon Clarke: Dip Down Under in 2002
For the first palindromically numbered calendar year in which a World Diplomacy Convention will be held, Brandon and his fellow dwellers in the southern hemisphere suggest that the convention be held down under.

Mark B.: E-Mail Diplomacy Without a GM
We all know you don't need a GM for a face-to-face game. But via e-mail, you need either a lot of trust or a non-playing human or computerized GameMaster who collects the messages and processes the moves. Either that, or you need Mark's system.

Emeric Miszti: WDC IX in Pictures
Emeric provides us with a photographic look at the World Championships recently held in Namur, Belgium. It is sad to see how hard the players have to try to look like they're having fun even though I was not able to be there with them. Poor fellows.

Tim Miller: Grey, Broadcast Press
Tim Miller concludes his series on the various press settings, wrapping it up with a discussion of grey press. Thanks for the excellent article series, Tim. If that is your real name!

Tom Potocki: Are You Man Enough?
Tactics don't win games; players do. So what does it take to be the kind of player that wins games? Perhaps not surprisingly, the answer can be found in the same text frequently consulted for tactical advice. Tom advises you that improving your "manhood" will improve your game. Learn how.

Jack Rudd: ABBA Plays Diplomacy
It wasn't bad enough that The Pouch ruined perfectly good holiday carols, was it? And it wasn't bad enough to rewrite Frank Sinatra's classic recordings, was it? No, apparently not, because now ABBA songs are subjected to "the treatment." Is there no limit to our audacity? (Of course not; we're Diplomacy players.)

Matt Shields: A PBEM Tournament Survey
Matt asks your help in answering ten quick questions to assist him in determining how an e-mail Diplomacy tournament could be run. Give him a hand and who knows? -- you might win a tournament you helped design!

Paul Windsor: What's Your Point?
Answer this question about yourself and you find out more about the kind of player you are. Answer it about your opponents to find out what kind of players they are.

The Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Hey, guess what! The Pouch got some mail and we're going to let you read it. What a pleasant surprise, huh? What's that? Not a surprise? Oh well, at least it's pleasant.

Chris Martin: WDC Report From The Outgoing Champ
The 1998 World Champion traveled to Namur, Belgium to defend his title. The fact that he's now the former champ should tell you how successful he was in his mission (and after I put him through the rigors of the Hand International Traning System, too!). Ah well, he still had fun, and here's his report to prove it.

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