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Fall 2013 Retreat Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Welcome to this issue of the Pouch! It may be Hallowe'en, but we're already thinking ahead to all the article submissions we hope you'll send us for Christmas…
Paul Windsor: The New World Order — Playing One Against Six
In this reprint from the S2000M issue, Paul discusses the intricacies of using the format of e-mail Diplomacy to figure out what the heck is going on.
Bruce Duewer and Sergio Lidsell: Creepy Crawlies — Machiavelli, Part II
In this second part of Bruce and Sergio's series on the Machiavelli variant, they discuss some of the bugs that came up when adapting the variant for nJudge adjudication.
Bruce Duewer & Sergio Lidsell: What Every Young Tyrant Should Know — Machiavelli, Part III
In the third article in the new Machiavelli series, our intrepid authors expand previous material on how to play the various Great Powers of the variant.
Larry Peery: Forget Silver Spring, It's Time to Move On to Seattle!
The Powers That Be are deciding whether to hold the next DipCon together with the very last (!?!!) WACCon in Seattle next year. Larry gives us the scoop.
Melinda Holley: A Tempest Newbie
Hobby legend Melinda Holley has attended several tournaments over her storied Diplomacy career; but this year was the first time she participated in the Potomac Tea and Knife Society's annual Tempest in a Teapot event. How did it go? Here's her story!
Martin Bruse: Creating an Adjudicator
The skilled programmer who brought us Droidippy for Android phones has also tried his hand at creating an automatic adjudicator of his own. Here he shares some of what he learned from doing it.
Larry Peery: World Dipcon 2013 Games
In this article, a complement to similar articles he's written for Diplomacy World and other zines, Larry tells us about how his games went at this past summer's WDC 2013 in Paris, France.
Manus Hand and Mario Huys: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat — The Curious Case of The False Start
An old case with a new solution! The Sultan of Suwat has made his continuing alliance with the British Empire dependent on a correct answer to his latest Diplomacy conundrum. Can you help the Great Detective secure the Royal Navy's lease in the Port of Suwat by solving the Sultan's latest puzzle?
Robert Hammond: Anatomy of a Solo — Austria, Recovering From a Horrible Start
Slow but steady wins the race! Robert tells us the story of how his Austrian tortoise was initially forced back into his shell (and then out of his home centers!) in webDiplomacy game "Occupy Kiel", but came back to grab eighteen centers!
Larry Peery: Why I Like Team Events
Larry foresees a looming crisis in participation at FTF tournaments in the USA, and discusses how reframing them as team events could help to revitalize them.
Mark Berch: Repeating What You Never Heard
In this reprint from Diplomacy World #64, Mark talks about the advantages of saying that somebody else said something that they didn't necessarily say, but might have said. Does that makes sense?
Larry Peery: Oddities About Paris, or Things I Didn't Learn At WDC 2013
While he may not have picked up as many dots as he would have liked in Paris (or maybe he did — see his WDC 2013 report!), Larry did pick up a whole bunch of interesting factoids about the City Of Lights!

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