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The Zine

Fall 2012 Retreat Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
The Zine is back again! Could it be that we're actually building momentum? It's up to you...
Larry Peery: The Keys to Dip Success
There are plenty of reference articles for the game of Diplomacy: here, in other online repositories, and even a few published books. But what about references for real-world, small 'd' diplomacy? Larry has a reading list for you.
Larry Peery: What's in a Namesake?
This site is name "The Diplomatic Pouch". But what is a diplomatic pouch? Larry provides a definition, an overview of some interesting (non-standard) uses of diplomatic pouches over the past century, and discusses a recent uncovered diplomatic pouch discovery from earlier this year...
Chris Babcock: For Educators
The new ZAED Judge in South Africa is specifically designed to encourage a new generation of Diplomats to get involved in the game, and develop their linguistic skills, and geographical and historical knowledge!
Larry Peery: Diplomacy Strategy and Tactics: Secrets of my Old Age
One of the old hands of Diplomacy reveals his secrets! Well, some of his secrets — can't give away everything!
Heath Gardner:, A (Mostly) Undiscovered Treasure
Former Pouch Editor Heath Gardner tells us about his discovery of another non-judge online site supporting the game! (The Pouch Judge is still better, though. :-P)
Larry Peery: October-November 1962, A Peerispective
Fifty years ago, the world was thrown into crisis. One disastrous war was narrowly averted; one went ahead. Larry remembers both events.
Dash Yeatts-Lonske: The Intentional NMR
Not sure what to do next? A treatise on that ultimate form of prevarication: the intentional No Move Received.
Larry Peery: Who Doesn't Love to Travel?
Larry has a look at the real-life tourist attractions of some of Diplomacy's supply centers and provinces. Specifically, those he hasn't visited. Yet.
Stephen Knewtson: Machiavelli, the Crash Course
Reprinted from our Fall 2008 Movement issue, this introduction to the Machiavelli is all the more topical today — because the USTP judge has a bunch of new games starting! Read on, and sign up!
Christophe Barot: France's Play, a French Point of View
In this reprint from Diplomacy World #59, French native Christophe Barot provides his insights into how best to play his country in the game of Diplomacy. Vive La République!!!

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