Houdini Blues

Hellsmouth Game Restart

Austria (4) bud, bul, gre, ser

England (2) edi, lpl

France (6) bel, bre, mar, par, por, spa

Germany (6) ber, den, hol, kie, lon, mun

Italy (6) nap, rom, tri, tun, ven, vie

Russia (7) mos, nwy, rum, sev, stp, swe, war

Turkey (3) ank, con, smy

Notes: This is the restart of Hellsmouth, formerly GMed by Mark Kinney. The game will be run primarily via e-mail but will also appear my subzine Houdini Blues to Jim Burgess's TAP. It will also appear on the TAP website. Results will be sent either as a Word attachment or in html to players. David Hood has taken over for Martijn de Jong. If you have an concerns or questions, please contact me.

Deadline: Fall 1903 orders are due June 26.

GM: Michael Lowrey (mlowrey@infi.net)

Austria David Hood (David_Hood@w3link.com)

Has A Ser, F Gre

England Hank Alme (almehj@swcp.com)

Has F Nth, F Wal may retreat to Lpl or otb

France David Partridge (rebhuhn@rocketmail.com)

Has A Spa, A Bel, A Gas, A Wal, F Eng, F Iri

Germany Jim Burgess (burgess@world.std.com)

Has F Lon, A Tyl, A Mun, A Den, A Hol, F Hel

Italy Phil Reynolds (preyno@yahoo.com)

Has A Bud, A Tri, A Vie, F Tyn, F Nap, F Ion

Russia Warren Goesle (gozcorp@iquest.net)

Has F Bla, A Rum, A Gal, A Sil, F Nwg, F Swe, F Nwy

Turkey Matt Sundstrom (Matt.Sundstrom@bbdoch.com)

Has A Bul, F Aeg, F Con