Houdini Blues

Issue 2, April 2001

Welcome to this, the second issue of Houdini Blues, a subzine of TAP edited by Michael Lowrey, 6903 Kentucky Derby Drive, Charlotte, NC 28215. My email address is mlowrey@infi.net or call me nights at (704) 569-4269. Bonus points if you catch the music reference in the subzine name.

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Vaclav Havel Endgame Statements

Brendan Whyte (Russia/Survived): Gunboat has always seemed a game of luck to me. You can either go full guns form turn one, or wait. If you go full guns, you may get a good lead, and be unstoppable, or you may just leave a pile of nice empty SCs for someone else to walk into. If you wait, you may be able to profit from the follies of the others, or you may have missed the boat while a full guns style chap cleans the board.

Without even press, once one player gets ahead, he is at a distinct advantage as the others are likely to bounce each other in their inability to coordinate a defence or counteroffensive.

From midway through the game it was obvious I wasn't going to win, so I was quite content to be 4th out of 7, most likely to be wiped out next, but at least I'd made it to the last 4 on the board. It was obvious for some time France was going to win, which is why I am surprised some one voted against the win.

Well done to France, but on the whole I think I prefer press gunboat game, where there is a bit more opportunity for working against a possible victory you can see coming and as it provides a bit of interaction. I can play silent gunboat on a computer, but I can't play a decent game with press against a computer. The social element is still there, but also the fog of war.

Harry Andurschak (Turkey/Survived): For better or worse, Turkey's fate was decided by Italy's NMR in Fall 1901. This enabled Austria to jump Italy in Spring 1902, grab SCs, and quickly grow strong enough to be a real danger to Turkey. Only the lack of Austrian fleets saved Turkey. Turkey had opened by attacking Russia, and had been lucky enough to eliminate the southern fleet. This gave Turkey complete control of the Black Sea. After stagnating several game years at six SCs, I realized that France was the big danger, so I stopped trying to obtain the 7th SC and sent orders to support Austrian and Russian units as a kind of peace gesture.

Perhaps I did this too late?

The Most Successful Submarine

For whatever reason, submarines have achieved special recognition among the warships of the Twentieth Century. There have been several successful movies set on submarines and certainly submarines are by far the most numerous form of World War II naval museum in the Unites States, yet the popular culture's presentation of undersea warfare remains rather uninformed and limited.

Nothing expresses this better than what would seem a straight forward question: what was the most successful submarine? The answer is, bizarrely enough, a German World War I submarine, the U 35, that spent most of its career operating out of Austrian ports.

Under four distinguished commanders she would sink 224 merchant ships of 539,741 tons plus the sloop HMS Primula. These commanders were, in turn, Waldemar Kophamel, Lothar von Arnauld de la Periere, Ernst von Voigt, and Heino von Heimburg. Kophamel, von Arnauld de la Periere, and von Heimburg were three of the 29 German submarine commanders to be awarded the Pour le Merite (Blue Max), though Kophamel and Heimburg received the award for service on other boats.

By comparison, the top U.S. boats of World War II, the USS Flasher and USS Rasher, would each account for 100,000 tons of shipping and the top German boat, the U 48 (yes numbers were reused) with 307,655 tons sunk to its credit.

Deadline for all games is May 5.

Vaclev havel 1998Mrb32

GM: Michael Lowrey Zine: The Carolina Command & Commentary

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

Austria 5 7 5 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 8 Heath Gardner (Drop, F 03), Daniel Gorham (Survived)

England 4 3 2 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 Randy Davis (Drop Spr 04), David Hood (Elim F 07)

France 5 5 6 6 7 8 10 12 15 17 18 Frank Easton (Win, Fall 1911)

Germany 4 6 6 6 5 4 3 1 0 0 0 Melinda Holley (Res Spr 04), Andrew York (Elim F 09)

Italy 5 3 3 3 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 Pat Conlon (Eliminated, Fall 1908)

Russia 5 5 5 4 5 6 6 6 4 2 2 Brendan Whyte (Survived)

Turkey 4 5 7 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 Harry Andurschak (Survived)

Harald Haarfager

Viking Dip, Spring 957

Pete Conrad (99I)

Diplomacy, Spring 1907

Denmark (7) dan, fla, fri, par, pol, sax, thu

England (8) ice, ire, lon, nmd, sco, str, wes, yor

Sweden (10) ark, bir, fnl, got, hed, nid, nov, nrl, ski, zea

Notes: Deadline for Fall 957 is May 5.

GM: Michael Lowrey (mlowrey@infi.net)

Denmark Steve Mauris (Stephen.Mauris@jhuapl.edu)

Build A Dan. A Dan-Jut, F Hel S A Dan-Jut, A Pol-Mec, A Sax S A Pol-Mec, A Thu S A Pol-Mec, F Fla-Fri

England Kevin Wilson (CKevinW@aol.com)

Build A Lon, A Yor. F NoCh S F Ice-NAt, F Ice-NAt, F Eng S F Nth, F Nth C A Lon-Jut, A Lon-Jut, F Nmd H, F Str H (d, ann), A Yor H

Sweden Pat Conlon (aparrotlaughsat40@msn.com)

F Nid-Str, A Ski S F Nid-Str, F Jut-Nth (d, ann), F Ska S F Jut-Nth, F Kat-Jut, A Mec-Pol, F SBS S A Mec-Pol, A Lit S A Mec-Pol, A Hed H, F Zea S A Hed

Press: England-Sweden: We had to try to keep you from that magic 13. Did we succeed?

England-Denmark: Well, will we have a chance or not? Only time will tell.

Salty Swede-Doomed Dane: You may open that other side to England if you wish. but that is the Dark Side, and he is afraid to go there.

Swede-Angleterre: Oh, you shouldn't have done that.

Denmark-All: See my press from Pete Conrad about my soon-to-be extended absence. I will still be in communication with all players.

Denmark-England: Let's work on busting into his centra l sea spaces. Even if you don't plan to keep me around, you need that spot to hinge your final thrust, whether south or north. If I could have one request, it is to outlive Sweden, even with only one unit. Can you make that possible? Would you?

Denmark-Sweden: Fight it out on this line. It won't be easy for either of us, though you do have the advantage. However, there are those English fleets to worry about, and you know, of course, that I would still forgive you if you withdrew from my sacred Danish (and Polish) soil.

Denmark-England & Sweden: A three-way? Well, I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Maybe it will hurt, who knows?

Austria (5) bud, gre, ser, tri, vie

England (5) edi, lon, lpl, nwy, swe

France (10) bel, bre, den, hol, mar, mun, par , por, spa, tun

Germany (2) ber, kie

Italy (3) nap, rom, ven

Turkey (9) ank, bul, con, mos, rum, sev, smy, stp, war

Deadline for Fall 957 is May 5.

GM: Michael Lowrey (mlowrey@infi.net)

Austria Harry Andurschak (Sarareichert@aol.com)

A Tri-Ven, A Ser-Tri, A Bud-Gal, F Alb S Turkish F Aeg-Ion,

A Vie-Tyl

England Paul Milewski (yellowpajamas@hotmail.com)

A Edi-Nwy, F Nth C A Edi-Nwy, F Bar S A Nwy-Stp, F Swe-Fin, A Nwy-Stp

France Steve Mauris (Stephen.Mauris@jhuapl.edu)

A Bre-Pic, A Tyl S Italian A Ven-Tri (nso), A Mun S A Tyl, F Bal-Lvn, A Ruh-Kie, F Hol H, A Bel-Ruh, A Sil S Germ an A Pru-War, F Tyn S F Tun-Ion, F Tun-Ion

Germany Fred Wiedemeyer (wiedem@planet.eon.net)

A Pru-War, A Gal-Ukr

Italy Steve Cooley (scooley1@mediaone.net)

A Nap S A Apu, A Apu S A Ven, A Ven S French A Tyl (d, pie, rom, tus, otb)

Turkey Pat Conlon (aparrotlaughsat40@msn.com)

F Ion-Apu, F Aeg-Ion, F Adr S Austrian A Tri-Ven, A Con-Bul, A Bul-Rum, A Rum-Ukr, A Lvn-Pru, A War S A Lvn-Pru (d, ann), A Stp-Mos

Press: Austria-France: Considering that this game started with an R/G vs A, I am quite happy to have survived this long. I think half the players of Austria are eliminated by Winter 1904 in Regular Diplomacy, Winter 1903 in Gunboat Diplomacy. And when Germany attacks Austria in Spring of 1902, something else is going on besides the game of Diplomacy.

Austria-Germany: Pathetic, Fred. Simply pathetic. But this is the sort of thing that happens when Germany attacks Austria in 1901 or 1902, as you did. Always happens.

Turk-Frog: I get Wiener schnitzel whenever I want beca use I cooperate with my allies, not dictate to them.

France-All: My apologies for not writing, but I am in the middle of moving to a new job (well, almost), which requires me to be overseas for a year. Hence, most of my attention has been diverted. However, I expect to have email connection there and will be in touch as soon as I figure out when exactly I leave here/arrive there.


Outpost, Turn 11

HBDC IV (Wilson) opens the bidding on the Laboratory and wins for 80 (Wa9, Wa9, Wa9, Wa8, Wa8, Wa7, discount). HBDC IV also transfers population to man it.

GM: Michael Lowrey (mlowrey@infi.net)

Deadline: Turn twelve orders are due May 5.

Purchase Order: HICK, SARA, Little Green Men, Exploitation Unlimited, Major Miner, HBDC IV, Bartertown Mark II,

Upgrades available: (minimum bid in parentheses) Outpost (100), 2 Ecoplant (30), Laboratory (80), Orbital Lab (5 0), 2 Heavy Equipment (30)

Yet to be delivered: 4/5 Outposts, 1/2 Ecoplants, 2/3 Laboratories, 5/6 Robots, 2/3 Orbital Labs, 3/4 Scientists

Notes: The new deliveries were an two Ecoplants, a Laboratory, and an Orbital Lab. Exploitation Unlimited, HICK, Little Green Men, and SARA each take a MegaWater card.

I will email you your production cards!

Little Green Men (Partridge) opens the bidding on the Ecoplant, which HICK wins for 41 (MWa, Ti11). Little Green Men then opens the bidding on the ever popular Orbital Lab, which Exploration Unlimited wins for 70 (Mi14, Re11, MWa, Wa5, Or3, Or1, Or1). Little Green Men finally decides to buy a Titanium Factory (Wa7, Wa7, Wa7, Wa6, Or2, Or1) and transfers population to man it.

SARA (Andruschak) buys a New Chemicals Factory (Re12, MWa, Wa10, Wa8) and a population factor (Wa10) to man it.

HICK (Hood) then buys two population factors (W a6, Wa6) for his unmanned water plants.

Exploration Unlimited (Hassler) now passes.

Major Miner (Conlon) passes.

Bartertown Mark II (York) opens the bidding on and win s for 25 a Warehouse (Ti11, Ti9, discount).

Outpost Factories Upgrades VP

HICK OrF, OrF, 7 x WaF, 3 x TiF HE, No, No, EP 23

S.A.R.A. OrF, OrF, 9 x WaF, NC Wa, No, No, Sc 20

Little Green Men OrF, OrF, 6 x WaF, 2 x TiF DL, HE, No, EP 19

Exploitation U OrF, OrF, WaF, WaF, WaF, WaF DL, Wa, No, Sc, OL, OL 18

Major Miner OrF, OrF, WaF, WaF, TiF, TiF DL, Wa, HE, La 14

HBDC IV OrF, OrF, 4 x WaF DL, DL, DL, Wa, La 13

Bartertown II OrF, OrF, WaF, WaF, WaF, 5 x TiF Wa, HE 12