May 13, 2016

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E-MAIL/WEB ONLY ISSUE! PDF will be available on the website. We also are being reproduced in Eternal Sunshine.

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The new Kendo Nagasaki game keeps going, I like running them and I also like playing in them... mostly. Plenty of time to join still. The two new games also are off to flying starts.
So, I had a bit of a medical setback, while on some ramped up chemotherapy I passed out and fell in my kitchen and fractured three vertebra. I'm JUST starting to feel close to being right again. I'm hoping that this next weekend's chemo might be the end, and if it is, and my back keeps feeling better, by June I'm going to feel wonderful! I hope that's where I get. Mark Fassio continues to have a tough time, join me in praying for him! I know this issue was VERY, VERY late....
This issue continues the szine/subszine inversion. As most of you know, this thing began as a "subszine" to Terry Tallman's North Sealth, West George in NSWG #16, then became its own szine with a host of subszines. Since Terry's passing, we lose our thirty year fervent hope that someday NSWG would have been resurrected and I could go back and swear my fealty to the Toadfather. The subszines remaining will appear as sub-subszines to our flipflopped home in Doug Kent's Eternal Sunshine. I'm set on continuing my GMing, and I'm starting to write a bit, hope there might be more. Feel free to communicate with me about how you want to help or what you want to play, or if anyone else wants TAP subszine status.
For production, in addition to the HTML's of each separate product on the web page, I will also have a PDF that you can print of the entire subszine (including my famous handdrawn maps!). You can just print the maps if you like, but remember maps are for pikers anyway, you don't need no steenkin' maps, keep them up in your head where they belong.
The site has moved yet again. Chris Babcock and Mario Huys are still in charge. There were a few glitches and broken links, but things should be fixed now, if you have problems, let us know! But if you find you cannot access the website with the PDFs and HTMLs of all the past issues... well, please let me know and we'll fix it. The address is still:
There are currently 75 members of the official TAP subscriber list, but that's down because in the move, there were some addresses dropped. is the current list website. YOU need to make sure you're on this list. I'm trying to add some of the newer subscribers who aren't there. If you have questions or problems, PLEASE ask. There you can check your subscribing options and whether you're registered. Register if you want to get TAP E-Mailed regularly. Some people have had trouble with the attachments, so I have switched to sending the link in the announcements, we'll see if that helps. Please let me know.

((For upcoming cons around the world:, success, we have badgered all the Con directors to post their Cons, so it is reasonably up to date now. And there remains lots of interest in the FTF community, and linking E-Mail/Web players to FTF. TotalCon went great, but with my medical issues, my write up is going to be delayed a month. Emily Pollock won her first tournament, and I'm sure not her last, and the top seven were Emily, Brad Blitstein, Randy Lawrence-Hurt, Dariusz Murakowski, Alan Levin, Kevin Carey, and Sam Capasso. Also, the Facebook page for European Tournament Diplomacy,, Diplomacy in Europe, has been really active and the place to be in the hobby these days. If you're on Facebook, hook up there! The next big event you all should have on your radar screen is World DipCon in Chicago, June 24-26. The website with all the details is at:

((If anyone from TAP or ES has ideas for more things to talk about here let me know. I do have four or five ideas lined up here already that I just have to write. I have been nudged... comments from any of you also are welcome.))

Did I miss any? I think "none this time". But I admit I've been a bit out of it this month.

Standby lists: Brad Wilson, Jack McHugh, Drew James, Paul Rauterberg, Doug Kent, Paul Kenny, and Hugh Polley stand by for regular Diplomacy. Just let me know if you want on or off these lists.

I'd love to do another game of Spy Diplomacy, but it requires commitment that seems in short supply these days, but let me know if you want me to reprint the rules.
REGULAR DIPLOMACY: Two games continue. Is there something else we want to start?
BREAKING AWAY: Keeps going with the pack breaking apart in THIS issue.

THE TERRY TALLMAN MEMORIAL: 2016A, Regular Diplomacy
Fall 1901
AUSTRIA (Black): f alb-GRE, a bud-VIE, a SER S f alb-gre.
ENGLAND (Cohen): f lon-ENG, f NTH C a yor-nwy, a yor-NWY.
FRANCE (Begbie): f bre-PIC, a gas-SPA, a spa-POR.
GERMANY (Polley): f hol-BEL, a kie-HOL, a RUH-mun.
ITALY (Ellinger): f tyh-TUN, a tus-PIE, a TYO-mun.
RUSSIA (Zarr): f gob-SWE, a SEV S f rum, a UKR S f rum, f RUM s TURKISH a bul (otm).
TURKEY (Wiedemeyer): f BLA-con, a CON-bul, a BUL-gre.

Supply Center Chart
AUSTRIA (Black): TRI,VIE,BUD,ser,gre (has 3, bld 2)
ENGLAND (Cohen): LVP,LON,EDI,nwy (has 3, bld 1)
FRANCE (Begbie): PAR,BRE,MAR,spa,por (has 3, bld 2)
GERMANY (Polley): KIE,MUN,BER,hol,bel (has 3, bld 2)
ITALY (Ellinger): ROM,NAP,VEN,tun (has 3, bld 1)
RUSSIA (Zarr): WAR,STP,MOS,SEV,swe,rum (has 4, bld 2)
TURKEY (Wiedemeyer): SMY,CON,ANK,bul (has 3, bld 1)
Neutral: den (Total=34)

E-Mail Addresses of the Participants
AUSTRIA: Thaddeus Black, of
ENGLAND: David Cohen, zendip18 of
FRANCE: Gavin Begbie, gavinbegbie of
GERMANY: Hugh Polley, hapolley of
ITALY: Marc Ellinger, mellinger of
RUSSIA: Harold Zarr, skip1955 of
TURKEY: Fred Wiedemeyer, wiedem of

Game Notes:
1) Denmark being the center unclaimed is a bit unusual, isn't it? I have the builds from some of you. Note even though I'm late, I'm making the adjustments fast so we can keep going, let me know if that's a problem, but it shouldn't be.

None detected...

THE DON WILLIAMS 57 MEMORIAL: 2014A, Regular Diplomacy
Fall 1905
AUSTRIA (Ozog): a vie-TYO, f tun-NAF, a BUR s ITALIAN a pie-mar (nso), a SER h, a SMY h,
a tyo-MUN, f ion-TUN.
ENGLAND (Wiedemeyer): a YOR-lvp.
FRANCE (Ellinger): f GOL S a mar-pie, f WES-tyh, f WAL S f nao-lvp, a PIC h, f nao-LVP,
a MAR-pie, a LON h.
GERMANY (Abbott): f den s f nth (d r:hel,otb), f nth c a edi-bel (d r:hel,eng,bel,otb),
a EDI-bel, a HOL S a edi-bel.
ITALY (Wilson): f TYH s a pie (imp), f NAP S f tyh, f AEG C a bul-apu, a BUL-apu, a PIE h.
RUSSIA (Rauterberg): f nwy-NTH, f SKA S f nwy-nth, f SWE S f bal-den, a mun-RUH, f NWG S f nwy-nth,
f bal-DEN, f CON-aeg, a KIE S a mun-ruh, a arm-SEV.
TURKEY (Burgess): f SYR-smy.

Supply Center Chart
AUSTRIA (Ozog): TRI,VIE,BUD,ser,gre,smy,tun, (has 7, bld 1)
ENGLAND (Wiedemeyer): none (has 1, OUT)
FRANCE (Ellinger): PAR,BRE,MAR,spa,por,bel?,lon, (has 7, even(G r:bel) or bld 1)
GERMANY (Abbott): hol,edi,bel? (has 2 or 3 or 4, rem 1 or 2(r:hel,eng))
ITALY (Wilson): ROM,NAP,VEN,rum,bul (has 5, even)
RUSSIA (Rauterberg): WAR,STP,MOS,swe,nwy,ank, (has 9, bld 2)
TURKEY (Burgess): none (has 1, OUT)
Neutral: none (Total=34)

E-Mail Addresses of the Participants
AUSTRIA: Eric Ozog, elferic of
ENGLAND: Fred Wiedemeyer, wiedem of
FRANCE: Marc Ellinger, mellinger of
GERMANY: Will Abbott, wjja9 of
ITALY: Brad Wilson, fullfathomfive675 of
RUSSIA: Paul Rauterberg, paul.rauterberg of
TURKEY: David Burgess, burgesscd of

Game Notes:
1) Note that even though I'm late, I'm having the adjustments come back on schedule. This shouldn't be a problem for anyone. You can make your builds or removals conditional on the German retreats. France HAS to send in a conditional order in case Germany retreats into the center he currently owns.
2) And Germany has a messy set of retreats, but they just affect him, ask if you have questions about those retreats or conditionals off of them.

None detected here either...

THE DIPLOMACY GAME: Breaking Away, Designer's Rules
Turn 3
31 (replenish with a 3) Leonardo, Michelangelo
30 (no replenishment) Empty
29 (no replenishment) Empty
28 (replenish with a 3) Donatello, Raphael
27 (no replenishment) Empty
26 (no replenishment) Empty
25 (replenish with a 3) Baker
24 (replenish with a 4) Lafayette, Alpha
23 (replenish with a 6) Alexis de Tocqueville
22 (no replenishment) Empty
21 (replenish with a 3) Hope and Glory
20 (replenish with a 4) Jerusalem, Rousseau, Charlie
19 (replenish with a 7) White Cliffs
18 (replenish with a 8) Billy Wilder, Nicholas II, Alexandra, Angst, Constipated
17 (replenish with a 13) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anastasia
16 (replenish with a 15) Daniel Swarovski, Heart of Oak, Jefferson, Delta
15 (replenish with a 19) Christian Doppler, Smirky
14 (no replenishment) Empty
13 (replenish with a 3) Alexei, Terrorised

Addresses of the Participants - Their Teams and Their Cards
AUSTRIAN TEAM (Andy Bate): andydbate of (0 points)
A: Arnold Schwarzenegger 12, 4, 7, 13 (3)
B: Billy Wilder 12, 3, 8 (5)
C: Christian Doppler 8, 9, 19 (3)
D: Daniel Swarovski 8, 11, 15 (5)
Total Replenishments: 21 + 28 + 55 = 104
ENGLISH TEAM (Jim Reader): jim_reader of (0 points)
A: Jerusalem 10, 7, 26, 4 (15)
B: Hope and Glory 7, 22, 3 (15)
C: White Cliffs 4, 26, 7 (14)
D: Heart of Oak 3, 17, 15 (8)
Total Replenishments: 16 + 91 + 29 = 136
FRENCH TEAM (Hank Alme): almehj of (0 points)
A: Marquis de Lafayette (Captain): 4, 10, 15, 4 (15)
B: Alexis de Tocqueville: 15, 3, 6 (13)
C: Jean-Jacques Rousseau: 3, 17, 4 (12)
D: Thomas Jefferson: 8, 17, 15 (8)
Total Replenishments: 22 + 62 = 29 = 113
GERMAN TEAM (Marc Ellinger): mellinger of (0 points)
A: Player Alpha 15, 6, 6, 4 (15)
B: Player Baker 5, 11, 3 (14)
C: Player Charlie 3, 21, 4 (13)
D: Player Delta 3, 3, 15 (13)
Total Replenishments: 17 + 50 + 26 = 93
ITALIAN TEAM (Rick Desper): rick_desper of (0 points)
Team Name: Artists in a Half-Shell?
Coach: Master Splinter
Team Leader A: Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci 15, 10, 8, 3 (26)
Team Mechanic B: Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi 14, 8, 3 (22)
Team Navigator C: Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino 12, 5, 3 (22)
Team Sprint Specialist D: Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni 10, 4, 3 (26)
Referred to by common appellations in the report: Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo.
Total Replenishments: 17 + 96 + 12 = 125
RUSSIAN TEAM (Andy York): wandrew88 of (0 points)
Team Royal
A: Anastasia 10, 8, 13 (3)
B: Nicholas II 8, 7, 8 (5)
C: Alexandra 8, 9, 8 (6)
D: Alexei 6, 13, 3 (3)
Total Replenishments: 14 + 30 + 32 = 76
TURKISH TEAM (Brendan Whyte): BWHYTE of (0 points)
The Turkeys
A: Angst of Ankara 10,11,8 (5)
B: Constipated of Constantinople 8,10,8 (5)
C: Smirky of Smyrna 8,17,19 (7)
D: Terrorised of Syria 6,22,3 (7)
Total Replenishments: 16 + 49 + 38 = 103

(GM Comments): We spread out a bit more and now TWO riders fall off the pack, while last turn's fallen rider caught up. No replenishments in the twenties. Looks like sprint points will start being earned next time... of our top two in total replenishments (who swopped places this time), one seems to be going to grab the sprint points, while the other seems to be accumulating great cards. We'll see how it plays out next time.

Game Notes:
1) The rules are on the TAP website in the Tinamou section. Ask if you have any questions. Rules at:
Up above in parentheses is the card you played to get to where you are in the field. The replenishment card is the last card in your list. Be careful to note that the card you played (the one in parentheses) is not available for you, for next turn. Just for fun, I keep track of total replenishment, by turn, which is a rough measure of how the teams are doing. Of course, it is lining up to get across the sprint and final lines in the right places that really counts. We can calculate an "efficiency score" later, which will be the ratio of scoring points per replenishment.

Kendo Nagasaki for me comes from the series in Eternal Sunshine... The full rules for Where in the World is Kendo Nagasaki are in: Send a guess!!!

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
Henry Mancini on Vostok Island, Pacific Ocean Kim Philby in London

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
Bela Fleck in Oaxaca, Mexico Richard Nixon in Santiago, Chile

Peter Sullivan: Doug Kent:
Lewis Hamilton in Buenos Aires Julia Child in Santiago, Chile

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: You have identified my gender correctly, but I was born many centuries before you.

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
Johann Sebastian Bach on Clipperton Island, Mexico Henry VIII of England in Turkistan, Kazakhstan

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
Anthony Blunt in Cancun, Mexico Louis VII in Paris, France

Peter Sullivan: Doug Kent:
Julian of Norwich in Norwich, Ohio Galileo in Berlin, Germany

Rick Desper: Andy York:
Stan Lee in Seoul, South Korea Richard the Lionhearted in Vienna, Austria

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: One of my most famous quotes refers in both a direct and oblique way to your profession.

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
Jesus in Jerusalem Thomas Cromwell in Helsinki, Finland

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
Guy Burgess in Moscow, Russia William Shakespeare in Poitiers, France

Peter Sullivan: Doug Kent:
King John I of England in Brussels, Belgium Shakespeare in Veracruz, Mexico

Rick Desper: Andy York:
Christopher Marlowe in Belize City, Belize Copernicus in Lodz, Poland

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: We each had serious disputes with our respective Popes and the authority of the Catholic Church. (Yeah, that means Jesus is NOT aligned with the closest guess...)

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
Giordano Bruno saying G’day in G’dansk, Poland Henry VIII in Birmingham, England

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
Guy Fawkes in St. Petersburg, Russia Samuel Beckett in Copenhagen, Denmark

Peter Sullivan: Doug Kent:
Martin Luther in Worms, Germany Elizabeth I of England in The Hague, The Netherlands

Rick Desper: Andy York:
Martin Luther in Luebeck, Germany Machiavelli in Munich, Germany

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: While we both had disputes with the Catholic Church, we also had public disputes with each other within our overlapping lifetimes.

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
Ulrich Zwingli in Munster, Germany John Calvin in Göttingen, Germany

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
Charles V in Wittenburg, Germany Thomas Muntzer in Wittenberg, Germany
***Note that Hank says Wittenburg and Marc says Wittenberg, these are two different places in Germany.

Peter Sullivan: Doug Kent:
King Henry VIII of England in Heidelberg, Germany Henry II in Stochholm, Sweden

Rick Desper: Andy York:
No Guess Received Johannes Agricola in Hannover, Germany

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: We agreed on a great many things, but you were much more of a rabble-rouser to the lesser educated classes, while I was more of an intellectual humanist.

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
No Guess Received Johannes Agricola in Leipzig, Germany

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
Karl von Miltitz in Hanover, Germany Erasmus in Chemnitz, Germany

Peter Sullivan: Doug Kent:
John Calvin in Leipzig, Germany Philip I of Hesse in Essen, Germany

Rick Desper: Andy York:
Philipp Melanchthon in Leipzig, Germany Philipp Melanchthon in Paderborn, Germany

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: You are quite a bit farther away than some of the previous guesses, and someone else has identified me, but not you.

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
Erasmus in Osnabruck, Germany Johannes Agricola in Bad Konigshofen, Germany

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
Karl von Miltitz in Rabenau, Germany John Calvin in Dessau-Roßlau, Germany

Peter Sullivan: Doug Kent:
John Calvin in Bad Schmiedeberg, Germany Erasmus in Stuttgart, Germany

Rick Desper: Andy York:
Philipp Melanchthon in Magdeburg, Germany Karl von Miltitz in Rostock, Germany

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: The person who is closest has now identified me as well, and all the Bad guesses are just bad...

LAST WORD: So, a whole bunch of things contributed to me being really late this time. First, it was end of the semester and I was WAY, WAY behind on grading. Then, some of you didn't get your orders in with the alacrity that was required for efficient processing of the szine. Then, while my back is getting better, it isn't completely healed yet, we finally figured out part of the problem was that I needed a new chair, it's going to be delivered Monday. While I can't get to World DipCon in Chicago this year, you all should go, it is going to be amazing. I have to work that weekend. Kendo is sailing along toward a conclusion, the Dip games are doing well. Note with me being late, you need to get your orders in quickly, I think I'll send individual notes to ensure people are caught up with that. So far, I'm very happy with how the Breaking Away game is working with seven players, and this turn was VERY interesting, and next turn, as Sprint points start to be earned will be even MORE interesting. Thanks to my brother David and Fred for playing out their positions in the Don Williams Memorial. In that game, then there were five... have a great short month, we'll be right back at you before you know it!!!

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