August 23, 2015

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We continue with the NEW Kendo Nagasaki game, join ANY time, just send me a guess!!!
OK, so the latest scan came back looking really great. What I am on now is being called maintenance chemotherapy, but I probably will have to be on it and in treatment mode for a long time. But I'm still incredibly thankful for all the prayers and good wishes that have brought me this far. I still have some side effects, but all things considered not very many. That all should keep the szine cranking and I'd like to start another regular Diplomacy game in addition to the Breaking Away that's getting close to six! Wishing all the rest of you who are struggling with health issues similar good news!
This issue continues the szine/subszine inversion. As most of you know, this thing began as a "subszine" to Terry Tallman's North Sealth, West George, then became its own szine with a host of subszines. The subszines remaining will appear as sub-subszines to our flipflopped home in Doug Kent's Eternal Sunshine. I'd like to keep writing and doing some game GMing (note that has been expanding) and Doug seems to be regaining some steam (hurray!). I'm set on the GMing, and I'm starting to write a bit, hope there might be more. Feel free to communicate with me about how you want to help or what you want to play, or if anyone else wants TAP subszine status.
For production, in addition to the HTML's of each separate product on the web page, I will also have a PDF that you can print of the entire subszine (including my famous handdrawn maps!). You can just print the maps if you like, but remember maps are for pikers anyway, you don't need no steenkin' maps, keep them up in your head where they belong.
The site has moved. Chris Babcock and Mario Huys are now in charge. It all went pretty well, all things considered, and most of you probably didn't even notice it was happening. But if you find you cannot access the website with the PDFs and HTMLs of all the past issues... well, please let me know and we'll fix it. If you looked before, I was having some problems with updating, but I've corrected them, so you should be able to see everything there. The address is still:
There are currently 75 members of the official TAP subscriber list, but that's down because in the move, there were some addresses dropped. is the new list website. YOU need to make sure you're on this list. There you can check your subscribing options and whether you're registered. Register if you want to get TAP E-Mailed regularly. Some people have had trouble with the attachments, so I have switched to sending the link in the announcements, we'll see if that helps. Please let me know.

((For upcoming cons around the world:, success, we have badgered all the Con directors to post their Cons, so it is reasonably up to date now. And there remains lots of interest in the FTF community, and linking E-Mail/Web players to FTF. The Boroughs tournament in Massachusetts is wrapping up as we speak. That takes us towards Columbus Day, where the usual big event is the Tempest in Silver Spring, MD, but Diplomacy World FTF editor Will Abbott also is trying to connect up with Necronomicon in Tampa, FL that same weekend. Check one of those out while I'm leaf-peeping at my camp in Maine. Then soon after that we finish up the Grand Prix and Nor'Easter year with Carnage, November 6-8th in Killington, VT. Also, the Facebook page for European Tournament Diplomacy,, Diplomacy in Europe, has been really active and the place to be in the hobby these days. If you're on Facebook, hook up there!))

((If anyone from TAP or ES has ideas for more things to talk about here let me know. I do have five or six ideas lined up here already that I just have to write. The local Maine Bluegrass festival at the end of July ended up being rainy, especially at the times and for the bands I wanted to see, so I passed this year.
What I did do this month is spend much of it remembering my first ever rock concert, going to see Yes in Springfield, MA in I think it was their 1977 stop. I've been trying to nail down the year in my head, but can't. But anyway, there is a fascinating fourteen CD set of the 1972 tour that I've been absorbing with considerable interest, since Close to the Edge is my favorite Yes album. The newly released YES - PROGENY: SEVEN SHOWS FROM SEVENTY-TWO is just what it says, two discs on each of seven live shows from the fall of that year, featuring playing all of the songs on Close to the Edge. You might think this would be incredibly boring, but it really isn't! Each show is quite different, more different than I know I would have expected. In the patter, watching Jon Anderson night by night get more and more excited about calling "And You and I" their "protest song", on a par with Bob Dylan or the Beatles... well, I'm sure all Dylan/Beatles fans - really me included - cast a bit of a crooked eye at that, but it energizes them. And these discs are much closer to the reality of the shows and so sonically superior to Yessongs - the early attempt to document the incredible energy and pace of the Yes live shows - that I'm incredibly proud to have the honor of hearing them. If that sounds bombastic, well, these discs ARE bombastic. But they also are a treasure to listen to, especially to someone like me that spends 15 hours and up in the car each week in the summer. Some nights Rick Wakeman trills the organ one place, another yet a different place, Steve Howe and Chris Squire's guitar and bass work are exposed in ways that help you see exactly how great a rock team they really are. Alan White's drumming is just a monster to hear up close through speakers with each rhythm point accentuated. And of course, Jon Anderson sounds just a bit different every night, helped by a cold hitting some nights more than others. Yes, it isn't cheap, but to me well worth every penny!))

Drew James (Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 1:00 PM)
Jim, I've included Fall orders hoping that the game will skip summer. ((Well, that didn't quite happen, and apologies for also forgetting to publish this letter last issue!))
If you are doing a feature on rock and roll bands and moments that matter, certainly one of the top moments is the Sex Pistols playing at the Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall in 1976. It was instrumental in the start of the "post punk" movement with members of what became Joy Division (and then New Order of course), The Smiths, and the Buzzcocks in attendance. I believe that Tony Wilson of Factory Records was also there. Certainly a key moment in rock history! ((Of course, I absolutely agree!!!)) The Sex Pistols are certainly one of most influential bands in history. I never saw the Pistols, but I did see an early Public Image Ltd (PiL) show in NYC in 1983. John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) played many of classic Pistols songs as well as the newer PiL songs. I can't remember the venue, but it was filled with punks. My two buddies and I stood out due to our crew cuts and "normal" clothes. We stood just far enough back so that we didn't catch much of the non stop spitting. It was an incredible show!
Drew karelanddrew of
Eric Ozog (via postcard Aug. 12, 2015)
Dear Jim, I'm on the Potter Mountain fire near Diamond Lake, north of Crater Lake National Park. (( This was a relatively small forest fire and is winding down. But the National Creek/Crescent Complex fire is burning actively on the north end of the Crater Lake National Park boundary and moving NE. I may be out here for another week, head home and go out again in September. My campsite is near Diamond Lake and Mt. Thielsen, which looks like Mt. Crumpet from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas!
Best, Eric
((Yes, we're all praying for you and the efforts of you and your fellow firefighters, especially those who so bravely lost their lives in Washington State. I found the statistics on the currently burning threat level 5 fires quite sobering. We here in our summer community in Maine have achieved Firewise status for clearing brush from the undergrowth, chipping it (with assistance from the Maine forest rangers), and carting it away. The last big fire in that region, and it was horrendous, was in 1947, so people aren't worried enough about what can happen. Keep it going, my friend!))

Standby lists: Brad Wilson, Jack McHugh, Paul Rauterberg, Doug Kent, Paul Kenny, and Hugh Polley stand by for regular Diplomacy. Just let me know if you want on or off these lists.

I'd love to do another game of Spy Diplomacy, but it requires commitment that seems in short supply these days, but let me know if you want me to reprint the rules.
REGULAR DIPLOMACY: need seven for another game start.
BREAKING AWAY: New game, want six! Andy York, Rick Desper, David Burgess, and Hank Alme are in, only two to go.

THE DON WILLIAMS 57 MEMORIAL: 2014A, Regular Diplomacy
Fall 1903
AUSTRIA (Ozog): a vie-BOH, a tri-SER, a rum-BUL, a BUD S ITALIAN a gal-rum, f GRE S a rum-bul.
ENGLAND (Wiedemeyer): f ENG h, f IRI h, a WAL h.
FRANCE (Ellinger): f spa(sc)-MID, f BRE-eng, a pic-BEL, f NAO-iri, a GAS h, a LON h.
GERMANY (Abbott): f ska-DEN, f den-HEL, f NTH C a hol-edi, a hol-EDI, a kie-HOL.
ITALY (Holley): f NAP-ion, f ion-AEG, a gal-RUM, a ven-TYO.
RUSSIA (Rauterberg): f stp(nc)-NWY, a mos-WAR, f nwy-NWG, f SWE S f stp(nc)-nwy, f aeg-CON,
a sil-BER, a SEV-rum.
TURKEY (Burgess): f SMY-eas, f EAS-ion, a UKR-rum, a bul s f aeg-gre (nso; d ann).

Supply Center Chart
AUSTRIA (Ozog): TRI,VIE,BUD,ser,gre,bul (has 5, bld 1)
ENGLAND (Wiedemeyer): LVP (has 3, rem 2)
FRANCE (Ellinger): PAR,BRE,MAR,spa,por,bel,lon (has 6, bld 1)
GERMANY (Abbott): KIE,MUN,den,hol,edi (has 5, even)
ITALY (Holley): ROM,NAP,VEN,tun,rum (has 4, bld 1)
RUSSIA (Rauterberg): WAR,STP,MOS,con,swe,nwy, (has 7, bld 1)
TURKEY (Burgess): ANK,SMY (has 3, rem 1)
Neutral: none (Total=34)

E-Mail Addresses of the Participants
AUSTRIA: Eric Ozog, elferic of
ENGLAND: Fred Wiedemeyer, wiedem of
FRANCE: Marc Ellinger, mellinger of
GERMANY: Will Abbott, wjja9 of
ITALY: Melinda Holley, genea5613 of
RUSSIA: Paul Rauterberg, paul.rauterberg of
TURKEY: David Burgess, burgesscd of or dburgess of

Game Notes:
1) Lots of changes, Winter is next...

(ENGLAND to FRANCE): Can't we all just get along?
(PRESS): This game either turns on a dime or becomes a dull slog. I'm ready for the worm to turn.
(JIM-BOB to GAME): Press seems to be onto something...
(FREE LONDON) - Celebrations in the city of Free London have been muted as the Monarchist fleets and armies appear to be closing in. The Citizens and French troops are jointly preparing their defenses (and enjoying a lot of last minute comradery!!) In the meantime rumors of celebrations in Edinburgh are filtering in as the friendly Germany navy is cruising closer on a daily basis. Finally, Scotland will be freed from the Monarchist yoke!!
(JIM to JIM): "Violence isn't always evil. What's evil is the infatuation with violence."

THE PHIL REYNOLDS MEMORIAL: 2006B, Regular Diplomacy
Fall 1913
AUSTRIA (Burgess): a bud-RUM, a vie-TYO, a TRI S a vie-tyo, a UKR S a gal, f ANK h, a GAL S a ukr,
a tyo-PIE, a SER-gre.
ENGLAND (James): a lon-KIE, a pic-PAR, f NTH C a lon-kie, f ENG S f iri-mid, f iri-MID,
a BUR S a pic-par, f BEL h, a LVN S a war, f mid-NAF, a BER S a mun, a WAR S a mos,
a MOS S a war, f bre-GAS, f AEG-gre, f BAL h, a MUN h, f HEL C a lon-kie.
FRANCE (Holley): f SMY h, f tyh-ION, a spa-POR, a gas-MAR, f ADR S a ven,
f wes-SPA(SC), a VEN S AUSTRIAN a tri.
ITALY (Crow): a ALB-gre.
RUSSIA (Kent): a SEV h.

Supply Center Chart
AUSTRIA (Burgess): VIE,BUD,TRI,ser,rum,bul,con,ank (has 8, even)
ENGLAND (James): EDI,LVP,LON,nwy,bel,swe,hol, (has 17, even)
FRANCE (Holley): spa,por,MAR,ven,tun,nap,smy (has 7, even)
ITALY (Crow): gre (has 1, even)
RUSSIA (Kent): SEV (has 1, even)
Neutral: none (Total=34)

E-Mail Addresses of the Participants
AUSTRIA: David Burgess, burgesscd of or dburgess of
ENGLAND: Drew James, kjames01 of or karelanddrew of
FRANCE: Melinda Holley, genea5613 of
GERMANY: Marc Ellinger, mellinger of
ITALY: John Crow, johnny.crow of
RUSSIA: Doug Kent, dougray30 of
TURKEY: Fred Wiedemeyer, wiedem of

Game Notes:
1) The EFA draw is proposed again along with a DIAS with winter, no vote received vetoes them.
2) No changes here, so feel free to move on to Spring if you want to keep going, up to you all.

(ME to YOU): What the WHAT!!!!
(ENGLAND-WORLD) - If I got incredibly lucky this game could be over, but that is highly unlikely...
(RUSSIA to BOARD): Im like the gum on your shoe... you're stuck with me!
(GREECE to WORLD): Please let us stay Italian... we like spaghetti and pizza!

Kendo Nagasaki for me comes from the series in Eternal Sunshine... The full rules for Where in the World is Kendo Nagasaki are in: Send a guess!!!

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
No Guess This Time Julius Gaius Caesar in Lugdunum, Gallia (Lyon, France)

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
Ho Chi Minh in Dallas, TX Benjamin Franklin in Istanbul, Turkey

Conrad von Metzke:
Sultan Sir Muda Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei, in the Castro district of San Francisco

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: You died about two centuries before I did.

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
No Guess This Time Ray Atkeson in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
Pearl Bailey in Sofia, Bulgaria Suetonius in Trieste, Italy

Conrad von Metzke:
Richard Nixon in Jerusalem

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: I was born less than a decade after you.

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
Trayvon Martin in Tyrone, Missouri Janet Hill Gordon in Canton, China

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
Bob Ross in London, England Henry Mancini in Nicosia, Cyprus

Conrad von Metzke: Rick Desper:
No Guess This Time Gronk in Foxboro, Massachusetts

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: Sorry, wrong gender, and no transgenders here...

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
Francis Wallace Cope in New Delhi, India Francis Wallace Cope in Shanghai, China

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
Xi Jinping in Kabul, Afghanistan Jackie Gleason in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Conrad von Metzke: Rick Desper:
Archie Moore in Indianapolis, Indiana Henry Mancini in Singapore

Andy York:
Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv, Israel

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: While you have my lifespan close to right, my profession may or may not be judged as similar.

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
David "Stringbean" Akeman in Kathmandu's rubble Francis Wallace Cope in Imphal, India

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
Glenn Roberts in Chonqing, China Van Johnson in Jakarta, Indonesia

Conrad von Metzke: Rick Desper:
No Guess This Time John Wayne in Sofia, Bulgaria

Andy York:
Mahatma Gandhi in Islamabad, Pakistan

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: I was born just over a year before you, but lived more than a decade longer than you.

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
Red Adair plugging well of George Edward Allen, Jr. in Raipur, India
gross national happiness in Thimphu, Bhutan Note: Ruipur, but I used Raipur/Chhattisgarh

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
George Reeves in Nayipytaw, Myanmar/Burma Orson Welles in Lucknow, India

Conrad von Metzke: Rick Desper:
THE DALAI LAMA in GOA, fmr Portuguese India Joe DiMaggio in Hong Kong

Andy York:
No Guess this Time

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: You are within 100 miles of my location now, but I associate more with this part of the world than who you think I am.

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
Kay Kaiser in Kaiserslautern, Germany Doug Anderson in Cooch Behar, India
(and his college of musical knowledge) (Scottish professional football left back)

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
George Reeves in Lhasa, Tibet Omar Ali Saifuddien III in Bilaspur, India

Conrad von Metzke: Rick Desper:
No Guess This Time Mushtaq Ali in Bilaspur, India

Andy York:
Indira Gandhi in Delhi, India (note: this is Delhi, NOT New Delhi, I use what you say...)

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: I would just repeat my clue from last time, but let me be clearer, I have an association with this part of the world and who you think I am does not.

Brendan Whyte: Tom Howell:
Sir Edmund Hillary in Paro, Bhutan Tarachand Barjatya in Gangtok, Sikkim

Hank Alme: Marc Ellinger:
Vijay Hazare in Pankhabari, India William Westmoreland in Magway, Myanmar

Conrad von Metzke: Rick Desper:
No Guess This Time Mushtaq Ali in Darjeeling, India

Andy York: Doug Kent
Indira Gandhi in Mandalay, Burma George Harrison in Tezpur, India

HINT to the Person with the Closest Geographic Guess: You have nailed my location, but not identified me yet, my association is to the city where I am located.

LAST WORD: Not much to say, just getting this done in time to get it into Eternal Sunshine, time to finish this up and get it to Doug Kent. Good to see a bunch of Web Diplomats at the Boroughs out to dinner last Friday night.

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