January 30, 2009

Jim Burgess, 664 Smith Street, Providence, RI 02908-4327 USA, (401)351-0287, jfburgess of

FIRST E-MAIL/WEB ONLY ISSUE! PDF will be available on the website incorporating all subszines.

Web Page Address:

We will have four subszines going forward, from Dave Partridge, Doug Kent, Andy York, and Peter Sullivan. Right now I am delaying making the PDF until Monday since Dave Partridge is trying to finish Tinamou. All the feedback on going web/E-mail only was positive, though of course Fred Davis wants me to send it to him. I also REALLY blew it last time, I made a GMing mistake in the Supply Center count in Spirals of Paranoia and forgot to fix it in #320. I'm fixing it here and delaying Spring 1908 orders until February 13th.
For production, in addition to the HTML's of each separate product on the web page, I will also have a PDF that you can print of the entire szine (including my famous handdrawn maps!). You can just print the maps if you like, but remember maps are for pikers anyway, you don't need no steenkin' maps, keep them up in your head where they belong. I don't think there are very many people I owe money, but if you think I owe you money, just ask and I will pay. ONE GROUP that is definitely owed money is the players with NMR insurance. NMR insurance still continues, I will still call you for it, and when your game ends, I will refund the money.
Once I get the albatross of the failed mailed szines off my back, this can run much faster and better. I think I will mostly encourage jfburgess of for an E-Mail address, though burgess of still also works. Let's get back on track and play, or not, let me know if you want out and I'll find standbies. Volunteers for that are welcome.
Lastly, come play at TempleCon, February 5-7, 2010 that I am hosting right here in Providence, RI, see I've got a crash room that is yours for whatever you want to pay, even nothing if you like. It's not too late to show up, game report in the next issue. Contact me if you want to come!
As a result, ALL players must be signed up on the E-Mail notification list for the szine, see below. I think I have now signed up all the players, but please check. THIS IS A PROBLEM, sign up now if you're playing so you get proper notification!!! General information about the mailing list is at:
You can sign up from there, or send E-Mails to: Tap-request of; with the word `help' in the subject or body (don't include the quotes), and you will get back a message with instructions. You must know your password to change your options (including changing the password, itself) or to unsubscribe. Normally, Mailman will remind you of your mailing list passwords once every month, although you can disable this if you prefer. This reminder will also include instructions on how to unsubscribe or change your account options. There is also a button on your options page that will email your current password to you.

((I want to go back to encouraging more letters again, right now I'm going to focus on just pumping issues out, but I hope to start writing more again too as the year progresses.))

Drew James (1/21/10)
Jim, It was great to receive TAP in the mail again. I had pretty much given up on it. You are doing the right thing by eliminating the postal version - too expensive and too much work for you.
What a great winter - my Orange are ranked #5 and #1 in the RPI. After I send this I'll be on my way to the Dome for Marquette and then again Monday for Georgetown. Sorry that your Friars are not having a good year. The Big East is so tough. It is almost impossible for the bottom teams to make a move into the upper half of the conference. Even the improved teams such as Seton Hall and St John's still struggle to win games given how good the top 6 to 8 teams are year in and year out.
Drew, kjames01 of
((Yes, I understand the challenge, the task for teams like Providence is to make a move once every couple of years. PC did a major tank in losing about a ten point lead to South Florida in the last minute of a recent game, took it to overtime and collapsed. Then they upset UConn, and now are 4-4 in the Big East, and at the edge of the top 6-8 teams. If they can beat Cincinnati tonight, then they actually will be around 6th or 7th in the league. After that, they hit the iron of the conference, including two with your Orange, and will nearly surely be knocked back, unless center Ray Hall (who has missed nearly two years with injuries) can fight his way back into the starting lineup. PC is too small and weak to take banging from the top teams, though UConn is nothing if not strong, and they beat them by 15! An unnamed TAP subber is sitting on a pair of Final Four tickets and I think Syracuse has to be odds on favorites to be one of those four at this point. They have better defense and team play than Boeheim has gotten out of them in many a year. Syracuse has the talent AND the good team play that can dominate the Big East and also go on the national stage and win in the Big Dance.))
((Those of you who have been around here for a long time will recall that I was part of the 1993 Health Care Reform task force and did a lot of work supporting the development of the bill. And from the inside, I saw it falling apart piece by piece as too much effort was made to meet the needs of the inside the Beltway Washington bureaucrats and not enough time trying to build an interest group coalition of support outside. Today, I'm still part of the external support structure for the Washington bureaucrats, and this time around, was not really consulted at all. This was part of the quite reasonable Obama administration strategy NOT to have any strongly held policy beliefs and let all the compromises be made that needed to be made to get to the finish line. At one point, I laughed hysterically when he said something like, "the parameters of this bill completely match what I ran on last year," when the reality of what was produced was much, much closer to what Hillary Clinton ran on, and had very little of the structure that the President ran on. Instead, they built the coalition of the outside interest groups and let those groups influence elements of the bill. Both times, the resulting bill was hugely bloated with provisions and add-ons, but had very different types of bloating. Then we saw various provisions track through the bills to what the House and Senate finally passed. And it looked like indeed they would pass... until now they look much more uncertain.))
((My take on where all that is, and how we got there, differs from most of the pundits I've been hearing, and comes from a different interpretation of the last two "facts on the table" that brought us to where we are: Ben Nelson's deal to get Washington funding for Nebraska's Medicaid program and the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. First, some of what I think are indisputable facts on where all this was going. Like the state plan in Massachusetts, the idea was to pass a reform bill that got more people covered, closed up pre-existing condition clauses and maximum benefit clauses, and tried to figure out the right mix of expanding Medicaid and providing subsidies to make health insurance "affordable" (quite a fungible concept). The big thing intentionally missing was any serious attempt at expenditure control, since you get all the interest groups on board by not telling too many of them "no" and let them hold out the promise of more profits and revenues. Massachusetts is now facing the budget busting effects and trying to figure out how to pay for what they passed and how to save the money they need to save to keep it. So, in comes Ben Nelson, as the 60th vote in the Senate asking for a payment to his state of Nebraska to make "affordable" for his state the expansions that would be needed. I am not so cynical about this as many people are, this just set the stage for the final bill to give more of the states more federal Medicaid aid, and he was saying, you have to pay us to do this. Even more important, how did this play in Massachusetts? This was the ONLY state in the nation where this could be and was the real political calculus: Massachusetts already has all the benefits contained in the federal bill, so Massachusetts benefits only from the warm glow of passing their gains to the rest of the nation... but no, they do gain something! They gain a share of the payments to all the other Medicaid and subsidy expansions in the rest of the nation. Massachusetts already had a generous Medicaid program that is subsidized by Nebraska taxpayers. Why should Massachusetts taxpayers be thrilled about seeing their taxes go up to pay for more coverage in Nebraska? You got it, and that's the way the vote went at the margin. As most of you probably know, Scott Brown voted for the Massachusetts health care reform, he's not really against the reform, he's against Massachusetts tax dollars flowing to other states.))
I am continuing to note cut or failed support orders with a small "s" instead of a capital "S". This will make it easier on the E-Mailed version of the szine to see what happened, since the italics don't show there. The italics DO show on the web page just fine.
Standby lists:
Mike Barno, Dick Martin, Brad Wilson, Jack McHugh, Glenn Petroski, Steve Emmert, Mark Kinney, Vince Lutterbie, Eric Brosius, Paul Rauterberg, Bob Osuch, Doug Kent, Sean O'Donnell, Heath Gardner, Paul Kenny, and Jeff O'Donnell stand by for regular Diplomacy. Let me know if you want on or off these lists, especially OFF given the new policies.

I'm going to start the game opening list over. Under the new regime, who wants to play? First off, another regular Diplomacy game is open. Doug Kent, Fred Wiedemeyer, Brad Wilson, and Shaun Thompson were interested, but they have to let me know they're still interested (with reserved slots if they do).

THE PHIL REYNOLDS MEMORIAL: 2006B, Regular Diplomacy
Spring 1904
AUSTRIA (Burgess): a vie-TRI, a gal-VIE, a tri-VEN, f gre-ION, a con-SMY, a ser-ALB, f EAS S a con-smy.
ENGLAND (James): f ENG S f nao-mid, f NAO-mid, a BEL h, f IRI S f nao-mid, f NWY h.
FRANCE (Williams): f MID s a bre, a BRE s a pic, f POR S f mid,
a PIC S ITALIAN a mar-bur, a MUN s ITALIAN a mar-bur.
GERMANY (Ellinger): a KIE-mun, a RUH S a kie-mun, a BER S a kie-mun,
f HOL h, a swe-FIN.
ITALY (Crow): a TYO S FRENCH a mun, f WES S FRENCH f mid, a SIL S FRENCH a mun, a mar-BUR,
f NAF S FRENCH f mid.
RUSSIA (Barno): f BLA S a sev-arm, a LVN h, f rum-BUL(EC), a sev-ARM, f STP(SC) h.
TURKEY (Wiedemeyer): NMR, NOT REPLACING; a arm h (d r:ank,syr,otb), a smy h (d r:ank,syr,otb).

Addresses of the Participants
AUSTRIA: David Burgess, 101 Laurel Lane, Queensbury, NY 12804
(518) 761-6687, burgesscd of or dburgess of
ENGLAND: Drew James, 3644 Whispering Woods Terrace, Baldwinsville, NY 13027
(315) 652-1956, kjames01 of
FRANCE: Don Williams, 27505 Artine Drive, Saugus, CA 91350, (661) 297-3947,
wllmsfmly of or dwilliams of ($5)
GERMANY: Marc Ellinger, 751 Turnberry Drive, Jefferson City, MO 65109
mellinger of or ellingermc of
ITALY: John Crow, 946 S. Medalist Circle Plano, TX 75023-2851,
(214) 532-1418, johnny.crow of
RUSSIA: Mike Barno, 634 Dawson Hill Road, Spencer, NY 14883, (607) 589-4906
mpbarno of
TURKEY: Fred Wiedemeyer, Box 92010-Meadowbrook RPO, Edmonton, ALBERTA
CANADA T6T 1N1, (780) 465-6432, wiedem of or wiedem of

Game Notes:
1) Note that Mike Barno has a new E-Mail address.
2) I'm not going to replace Fred if he does not return, orders here would not have mattered, but if he doesn't respond, I will retreat his armies on the board rather than off the board. Otherwise, they'll be in Civil Disorder unless Fred moves them.
3) We also have some more Dark Press...

(RED KINGS 10 (DARK PRESS -– NOT FOR ATTRIBUTION)): A paragraph, a verb and a footnote Walk into a bar
"Stop, please."
Moving swiftly toward us was a chink in a dress... looked like he was going to the prom, cause it was all long and flowing. I smoothed one hand into my jacket, and I wasn't scratching my armpit, if y'know what I mean.
I didn't speak Chinknese, but I raised one eyebrow, which is pretty universally translated as "whatcha want?"
He stopped in front of us and did a little dippy bow, "my Master wishes a Word with you." Something about the way he said it, and you knew that "word" was capitalized, and if you missed it you could always glance back a couple of lines.
"Your Master? Who's your Master?" I asked.
"Master Stylus. He is very close."
"I tink we should go wid 'em," smacked the blonde, "he's part of the Hand."
"The Hand... isn't that a tong?"
"More of a fork," answered the blonde, "the world went one way, dey went t'other."
As always I was quick on the uptake, "I don't get it."
"Back afore dere was computers and word processors," explained the blonde, "there were typin' writers."
I nodded impressed, "so this guy's packing a Remington?" It was a big robe.
"Nah," continued the blonde, "afores there were even typin' writers people wrote their press and their moves with pen and pencil... by hand."
I looked askance at her, which is something that's not as easy as you'd think. You have to look sideways and incredulous... at the same time. "Bullshit," I said, with the big smile on my face. What'd they take me for, a rube?
"The lady is wise beyond her beauty and her ill-concealed breasts," said the monk, "we are indeed ancient. For before there was pen there was quill and ink and paper, and before there was quill and paper, there was clay tablets and... stylus. Master Stylus bids a few moments of your time."
I figured we might as well go with the guy, it wasn't like the Golden Age was going anywhere, and I didn't figure this was all filler and drivel. We followed him down the street and into a nondescript door.
The room inside was decorated in early minimalism, I believe the barren period. There was nothing on the walls, not even those cheesy Avalon Hill giveaway calendars with the pin up broads on them. You've seen 'em, the ones where the gal is holding up some wooden blocks strategically blocking her otherwise naked breasts. They have a different model for each month, a French chick in the Spring, a Russian doxie in the Winter, you know. I've seen them because, my mechanic has one. Yeah.
Anyway, the room was sparsely furnished like I was saying. There were some short benches, like what you kneel on at church, in front of some desks, also short. The funny thing about the desks were they sprouted feathers. Weird décor, little feathers sticking out of little pots. I always thought the chinks were a little off... even in the Hobby. I mean, they're not even a player except here in Variant-town.
The rest of the décor consisted of a withered old man in long robes who rested much of his weight on a large stick. I took this to be Master Stylus, behind him stood three young monks, practically identical to the one that had brought us here. Our guide joined them to stand in a row behind his Master.
"Welcome," said the geezer, in a reed thin voice.
"So, you must be Master Stylus," I am known for my deductive abilities, "what're you a Master of?" “ "The Way."
"The Way?"
"The Way with Words. I am a Master of the Written Word, a dual Master of both English and Literature."
"So, you're unemployable in two fields."
"You wit is only paralleled by your sagaciousness," he half bowed in reply.
"What'd he say," I whispered to the blonde.
"Ya don' wanna know," she whispered back.
"I am the Sensai of these teenage students, I teach them to master the Written Word; to move as the wind through the text without leaving a footnote, to read between the lines, to be as one with the words themselves." The four teenage ninja monks nodded silently behind him.
"Yeah, we called that home-schoolin', for the tards that couldn't cut the short bus. So the kid said you had something to tell us," I said.
"Yes," said the old man in his reed thin voice.
"Well shoot," I said, "we ain't got all page."
"A paragraph, a verb and a footnote walk into a bar," wheezed the old man…
"When I heard that one, it had a rabbi in it..."
"Shhhhh!," hissed the blonde. The Master continued...
"The paragraph tries to pick up a chick, she thought he was a little forward. The verb likes to think of himself as a man of action and gets into a fight with some bad words. The footnote just watches."
I used my most insightful tone, "what da hell?"
"It's a parable," said the Master.
"A pair of what?"
"Rocks fer brains," snapped the blonde, "it's a story dat makes a point."
"Okay, I'll ante up. What's the point?"
The old man looked at a small strip of paper in his fingers, his lips moved a little, then he looked up at me, "Ill considered actions meet with consequences."
It was like the background music stopped... if we'd had background music. I always sort of liked it because it told ya when something significant was going to happen. The rising crescendo during the chase scene... you know what I mean.
I squinted at the old Monk (which made me think of a beer…this had been a dry segment) and shook my head, "that's not what it means!"
His face got all wrinkledly set into a stubborn pout, he stamped his big stick on the floor, "It's my parable! I'll define it as I want to."
The four monks behind him chanted; "Define as I want to. Define as I want to."
"It could happen to you."
"What could?"
"The consequences. As you continue in your efforts to find the Hierophant, you must precede with caution."
"Cheeez," I exasperated... which is sort an emphatic exposition... with a little spit, "does everyone know my business...”
"What you seek is very important," wheezed the old man, "the Diplonomicon is a weapon of great power..."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I interrupted, "Great and Terrible power, twenty two rocks, major and minor Arkansas bullshit. I get it, I get it."
"I am not sure you do," answered Master Stylus, "many forces are on the move in the Hobby, all seeking to gain this power for themselves. Many forces you have met, many you have yet to meet. You know of the Sisterhood of the Order Magister," the old man nodded toward the dame, "you know of Evil, you know of the Hierophant, you have even felt the attentions of the Caterpillar; others watch from darkness..."
Was that a laugh I just heard? What was he talking about a caterpillar? The old man continued; "Even our ancient rivals, the Tabula Rasa, the blank slate, are seeking the board and stones... not to reunite them, but to erase them forever. It would mean the end of all the Hobby." "Sheesh," I said shaking my head, "ancient ninja orders and religious cults! Not to mention lions, tigers, elephants and caterpillars; then there's the mob, and now you want me to believe in a mythical undertext organization... I'm not buying any of this! Next you'd have me believe the Secret Masters of Diplomacy were involved!" The group of monks, nonplussed at the previous roll call of villains blanched at the last mention, and looked into the darkened corners of the room. Even the old monk covered his mouth with his hand. "Oh, c'mon," I chortled, "they don’t even exist."
Somewhere, far away a phone rang. The special phone, the red phone. A hand with long manicured nails reached out and picked up the handset.
"Thay fellas, this shoah bettah be good. I was takin' a siesta to get mah beauty sleep."

SPIRALS OF PARANOIA: 2005A, Regular Diplomacy
Pre-Spring 1908
AUSTRIA (Rauterberg): has a nap, f gol.
ENGLAND (Wiedemeyer): has f POR.
FRANCE (Tretick): has a BRE, f SPA(SC), a GAS, f MAR, f ENG, a BUR, f IRI.
GERMANY (Ozog for Tallman): has a KIE, a TYO, a BUD, a VIE, a MUN,
a ROM, f SKA, a TUS, a BEL, f NAO.
ITALY (Kent): has a APU, a SER, a ALB.
RUSSIA (Sundstrom): f SEV, a RUM, a BUL, a ARM, a MOS.
TURKEY (Biehl): a ANK, f SMY, f BLA, f TYH.

CORRECTED Supply Center Chart
AUSTRIA (Rauterberg): nap,gre (has 2)
ENGLAND (Wiedemeyer): por (has 1)
FRANCE (Tretick): PAR,BRE,MAR,spa,lvp,edi,lon (has 7)
GERMANY (Ozog/Tallman): KIE,BER,MUN,hol,den,bel,swe, (has 10, PLAYS ONE SHORT)
ITALY (Kent): VEN,tri,ser (has 3)
RUSSIA (Sundstrom): WAR,STP,SEV,MOS,rum,bul (has 5, PLAYS ONE SHORT)
TURKEY (Biehl): ANK,SMY,CON,tun (has 4)
Neutral: none (Total=34)

Addresses of the Participants
AUSTRIA: Paul Rauterberg, 3116 W. American Dr., Greenfield, WI 53221,
(414) 281-2339 (E-Mail) paul.rauterberg of
ENGLAND: Fred Wiedemeyer, Box 92010-Meadowbrook RPO, Edmonton, ALBERTA CANADA T6T 1N1,
(780) 465-6432, wiedem of or wiedem of
FRANCE: Buddy Tretick, 5023 Sewell's Pointe Way, Fredericksburg, VA 22407, (540) 898-3386
cell (540) 226-5571 (E-Mail) berniebuddy33 of
GERMANY: Terry Tallman, PO Box 782, Clinton, WA 98236, (360) 331-5698 ($2)
terryt of
GERMANY: Temporary Standby is Eric Ozog, PO Box 1138, Granite Falls, WA 98252-1138,
(360) 691-4264, ElfEric of
ITALY: Doug Kent, 11111 Woodmeadow Pkwy #2327, Dallas, TX 75228
dougray30 of
RUSSIA: Matt Sundstrom, 1760 Robincrest Lane South, Glenview, IL 60025, (847) 729-1882,
Matt.Sundstrom of or mattandzoe of
TURKEY: John Biehl, #8 - 11530 84th Avenue, Delta, BRITISH COLUMBIA, V4C 2M1 CANADA,
(604) 816-0460 (cell) ($7); jrb of

Game Notes:
1) Note that Paul Rauterberg has a new E-Mail address.
2) Note that two seasons ago I mistakenly gave credit for Budapest to Italy, so thought he had a build, but Germany is sitting there so he has it. We can't go back to a build season that already has been adjudicated, but I can remove the Army that Italy built that he shouldn't have built, so I am going to do that. The new positions and the corrected Supply Center Chart reflect where we are for Spring, which will be due February 13th. Orders that I have on file, will remain on file.

FLIP FLOP: 2003G, Regular Diplomacy
Summer 1911
a gal-WAR; has a BUD, a TYO, a WAR, a MOS, a VIE.
ENGLAND (Kent): has f IRI, f NTH, a DEN, a KIE, f ENG, f SWE, f HEL.
FRANCE (McHugh): has f MID, f MAR, a MUN, a BUR, f SPA(SC), a POR.
GERMANY (Sundstrom): has f BAL, a BER, f GOB, a STP.
TURKEY (Levinson): has a SEV, a VEN, f AEG, a UKR, f WES, a PIE,
f ION, f GOL, a TRI, f TYH, a RUM, a SER.

Addresses of the Participants
AUSTRIA: New Player is Brad Wilson, Apt. 3-C, 1115 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
bwdolphin146 of
ENGLAND: Doug Kent, 11111 Woodmeadow Pkwy #2327, Dallas, TX 75228
dougray30 of
FRANCE: Jack McHugh, 810 School Lane, Folcroft, PA 19032, (856) 456-5984,
jwmchughjr of
GERMANY: Matt Sundstrom, 1760 Robincrest Lane South, Glenview, IL 60025, (847) 729-1882,
Matt.Sundstrom of or mattandzoe of
ITALY: Don Williams, 27505 Artine Drive, Saugus, CA 91350, (661) 297-3947,
wllmsfmly of or dwilliams of
RUSSIA: Sean O'Donnell, 1044 Wellfleet Drive, Grafton, OH 44044, (440) 926-0230,
sean_o_donnell of
TURKEY: Alexandre Levinson, Beeklaan 504, 2562BP Den Haag THE NETHERLANDS, don't need phone,
al of ($5)

SECRETS: 1999D, Regular Diplomacy
Summer 1925
ENGLAND (Kent): R f eng-WAL; has f WAL.
FRANCE (Sasseville): has f GAS, f ION, a PAR.
GERMANY (Barno): has a BUL.
RUSSIA (Osuch): has f LVN, a WAR, f NAO, a LON, f LVP, f IRI,
a UKR, a KIE, a BEL, f ENG, a HOL, a BER.
TURKEY (Linsey): has a ARM, f BLA, a RUM, a GAL, f TYH, a SER,
a BUR, a SIL, f WES, a MUN, f GOL, a BRE, a TYO, f MID,
a MAR, f SPA(SC), a PIC.

Addresses of the Participants
ENGLAND: Doug Kent, 11111 Woodmeadow Pkwy #2327, Dallas, TX 75228
dougray30 of
FRANCE: Roland Sasseville, Jr., 38 Bucklin Street, Pawtucket, RI 02861, (401) 481-4280 ($0)
rolands6 of
GERMANY: Mike Barno, 634 Dawson Hill Road, Spencer, NY 14883-9712, (607) 589-4906
mpbarno of ((BUT NOTE currently not able to access this))
RUSSIA: Bob Osuch, 19137 Midland Avenue, Mokena, IL 60448, (708) 478-3885
ROsuch4082 of
TURKEY: Bruce Linsey, PO Box 234, Kinderhook, NY 12106
GonzoHQ of

Game Notes:
1) I have orders on file for most of you, but didn't have orders from all of you, so I didn't move on to Fall. There currently are no game ending proposals.

CAST NO SHADOWS: Breaking Away, Designer's Rules
Rules at:
Turn 10
81 (no replenishment) Empty
-S-P-R-I-N-T- -F-I-N-I-S-H- -L-I-N-E-
80 (replenish with a 9) Rincewind (Breaking Away!)
79 (no replenishment) Empty
78 (no replenishment) Empty
77 (no replenishment) Empty
76 (no replenishment) Empty
75 (no replenishment) Empty
74 (no replenishment) Empty
73 (no replenishment) Empty
72 (no replenishment) Empty
71 (replenish with a 3) Zorro
70 (no replenishment) Empty
69 (no replenishment) Empty
68 (no replenishment) Empty
67 (replenish with a 3) Wally
66 (no replenishment) Empty
65 (replenish with a 3) Agnus
64 (replenish with a 4) Sanctus
63 (replenish with a 5) Drugs, Water, Gloria, Travis
62 (replenish with a 9) Carrot
61 (replenish with a 10) Mideast, Granny, Bowie, Xavier
60 (replenish with a 14) Kyrie, Bonham
59 (no replenishment) Empty
58 (replenish with a 3) Yorick, Death, Kyoto
57 (replenish with a 6) Vidic, Dragutinovic
56 (replenish with a 8) Krstajic
55 (replenish with a 9) Gavrancic, Crockett

Addresses of the Participants - Their Team and Their Cards
TEAM 1 (Rick Desper): rick_desper of (5 points)
Team Name: The Turtle Moves; Captained by Cut-My-Own-Throat Dibbler
A: Rincewind the Wizzard 8 8 3 9 (16)
B: Granny Weatherwax 11 9 10 (4)
C: Captain Carrot 15 4 9 (3)
D: Death 3 3 3 (3)
(Rincewind with the Luggage, Granny on Her Broom, Carrot of the City Watch, and Death is just DEATH!)
Total Replenishments: 12+58+18+15+33+33+18+28+19+31 = 265
TEAM 2 (Tom Howell): off-the-shelf of (4 points)
Team Name: Never Ending Worry Source; Manager: Rumour; Team Captain: Ye Olde Manager
A: Water 15 4 10 5 (10)
B: Kyoto 17 3 3 (3)
C: Mideast 17 6 10 (7)
D: Drugs 13 11 5 (4)
Total Replenishments: 12+35+37+44+30+22+16+30+24+23 = 273
TEAM 3 ((David Partridge): rebhuhn of (0 points)
Team Name: Famous Four
A: Krstajic 15 16 3 8 (6)
B: Vidic 13 3 6 (7)
C: Gavrancic 3 5 9 (7)
D: Dragutinovic 11 7 6 (3)
Total Replenishments: 12+35+40+28+13+18+16+28+20+29 = 239
TEAM 4 (Brendan Whyte): obiwonfive of (3 points)
Team Name: The Reverse Alphabeticists
A: Zorro 7 6 4 3 (3)
B: Yorick 3 3 3 (3)
C: Xavier 5 7 10 (3)
D: Wally 3 3 3 (3)
Total Replenishments: 12+26+24+28+28+38+17+18+16+19 = 226
TEAM 5 (Alexander Woo): aswoo of (10 points)
Team Name: Just Ordinary; Manager: Credo
A: Agnus 12 7 5 3 (7)
B: Sanctus 4 10 4 (11)
C: Kyrie 14 7 14 (6)
D: Gloria 16 3 5 (3)
Total Replenishments: 12+44+22+17+22+42+28+25+27+26 = 265
TEAM 6 (Andy York): wandrew88 of (17 points)
Team Name: Alamo
A: Crockett 15 4 5 9 (6)
B: Travis 4 4 5 (4)
C: Bowie 5 3 10 (6)
D: Bonham 3 3 14 (10)
Total Replenishments: 12+12+12+60+20+22+21+19+16+38 = 232

Game Notes:
1) The rules are on the TAP website in the Tinamou section. Ask if you have any questions. Up above in parentheses is the card you played to get to where you are in the field. The replenishment card is the last card in your list. Be careful to note that the card you played (the one in parentheses) is not available for you, for next turn. Just for fun, I'm going to keep track of total replenishment, by turn, which is a rough measure of how the teams are doing. Of course, it is lining up to get across the sprint and final lines in the right places that really counts. We can calculate an "efficiency score" later, which will be the ratio of scoring points per replenishment. If I'm predicting how the future of this will come out, a 10% score will be really tremendous for this measure.

(FAMOUS FOUR): Little family reunion. ((Still a bit lagging with your riding, we'll see if the reunion spices up your performance a bit. You hit the third highest replenishment total. But replenishment total so far is not translating into points. Tom Howell's Never Ending Worry Source tops the replenishment totals but is in the lower half of total points. Tom also reminds us that this is supposed to be a press game, so let's get some press!!!))
(TOM SAYS): Did you say this is a press game? Don't see any. < g >

I'm off next weekend to run the Diplomacy tournament at TempleCon. Check out our last issue (#108) of Diplomacy World ( which focuses on FTF Dip and see more of what I said there. Can't we get some of you out to join us at a FTF event somewhere sometime soon? I'd like to get you to TempleCon since I'd like to keep growing TempleCon, but go SOMEWHERE and play Diplomacy!

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