February 13, 2001

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``Diplomacy is the ability to take something and make the other guy think he is giving it away,'' found on the Internet, not sure who said it, do any of you know???

A little illness and a little business travel have contributed to being a week late again. As usual, deadlines have been pushed back a week to compensate. We also have said goodbye for the moment to Scott Munson, who is traveling in unknown parts, and has resigned all his positions in the szine. I know I am hoping and praying for him to find what he is looking for, as I think part of what he needs to find is to figure out what he is seeking (if that makes any sense). I will publish Scott's entire note up here so everyone sees it:

Scott Munson (postmarked 05 Feb, 2001 Eugene, OR)

Jim, I'm sorry to say that I must resign my positions. Life has gotten a bit grim. I apologize for screwing up so badly, but I'm sure some folks will enjoy taking over, seeing as I'm leaving pretty strong positions. Take care, and I hope someday to see TAP again. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Diplomacy in your publication. The people there are all around enjoyable to game with.

Sincerely, Scott Munson

One last press please -

(TO ALL): My apologies, folk. May you all fare well. To my allies, I'm sorry. To my enemies, you're lucky. And to all, have fun.

((Thanks, Scott, he isn't seeing even this issue and I don't think he saw the last one, but bye anyway. I hope anyone who does happen to hear from Scott down the road will let me know. I know I'll miss him in the szine.))

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Plus, we are preparing to ``take over the US hobby'' by adding significantly to my list of subszines. As Michael Lowrey already has announced, Carolina Command and Commentary will be opening a Southern branch office in TAP. This will give me better coverage of the Dixie hobby and provide Michael a congenial place from which to publish. Don Williams' sublime publication also will continue to appear here as Gary Coughlan has agreed to take Steve Langley's place as Italy. Keep an eye on us old geezers here..... but things look very light on the subszine front specifically in this issue as my subszine editors appear to be temporarily missing in action for various reasons.

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A number of people have tried to contact Mark, but none have hit paydirt yet. I hope this one will be solved very quickly!!

Or feel free to spend the time looking for some of the backlog. Let's get Gregory, Kevin, Al, and Jerry found too!!! Note that Brenton Ver Ploeg would love to find Leslie Obata, the woman that Jerry Lucas used as his front too. This could be an easy way toward finding Jerry, though as Brenton notes, who is to say she has the same name now. This is a regular continuing feature of the szine and I will be introducing a new ``search for'' every five issues. Moreover, you can win a $25 prize for finding some previous target who went unfound in the original $50 period. That means that if Gregory Stewart or Kevin Tighe or Jerry Lucas or Al Pearson is ``found'' from now on it is worth $25.

Winners will receive credit for Dip hobby activities that I will pay out as requested by the winner. Subscribe to szines here or abroad, run your own contests, publish a szine, finance a web page, or whatever. Spend it all right away or use me as a bank to cover hobby activities for years. What must you do to win? Get me a letter to the editor for TAP from the person we're searching for.

This is very important, just finding them doesn't do it. They have to write me a letter. The final judge as to the winner of any contest will be the target himself and I reserve the right to investigate the winning entry. When you find someone I'm looking for, you should ask him to send me a letter for print that includes a verification of who ``found'' him.


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WORLDMASTERS00 SECTION (with letters AND a game!!)

Worldmasters 2000 Email Diplomacy Tournament Goes ON!!

The main WWW site for Worldmasters can be found at

Sign up for the conference board at worldmasters2000

The Conference board is where day to day communications and discussions take place. Yes, and Jack McHugh is playing in there somewhere, go see if you can find him.

Watch the 1999 Finals game, and my impromptu commentary, at: worldmasters99


Jon Crocker (Austria)

Lee Simpson (England)

David Malloch (Germany)

Dirk Fischbach (Italy)

Dave Partridge (Russia)

Egbert Ferreira (Turkey)

Note that France is now eliminated and Jon Crocker's Austria will not be far behind (says this soothsayer). Keep an eye on this space for further updates. I've just realized that the 1912 game ending deadline for this game will unfortunately affect the outcome. There is likely to be "delaying tactics" popping up soon as players play the system. Still, I think a three way draw looks likely. The latest blow up has come over Lee Simpson's pointed comments toward some one or some ones who have been passing E-Mail. We all know how easy letter passing is in the E-Mail world and I'm pleased to note that Lee and I share an utter distaste for it. Go check out the web page for further discussion (I gotta leave you guys hanging so that some of you might actually go look!). The Boasters! game is starting up again too and we should have an update with moves in the next issue. Remember that the Boasters! game is not actually part of the Worldmasters structure, it just is a game for fun amongst some of the prominent personalities in the Tournament.

M2000 Boasters!, Worldmasters2000 Time Wasters Diplomacy


Post-Winter 1902

AUSTRIA (O'Donnchu): has a ALB, a GAL, f GRE, a BUD, a SER.

ENGLAND (Setzer): has f ENG, f NTH, f NWG, a DEN.

FRANCE (Pérez): PLAYS ONE SHORT; has f BRE, a PIC, f MID, a GAS, a BEL.

GERMANY (Mehaffey): has a SIL, f KIE, f SKA, a HOL.

ITALY (Dennehy): has f ION, f TUN, a APU, a VEN.

RUSSIA (Harris): has a WAR, a MOS, a NWY, f SWE, f SEV, a UKR, a RUM.

TURKEY (Miszti): has f CON, a SMY, a BUL, f AEG.

Supply Center Chart

AUSTRIA (O'Donnchu): BUD,TRI,VIE,ser,gre (has 5)
ENGLAND (Setzer): LON,LVP,EDI,den (has 4)
FRANCE (Pérez): BRE,PAR,MAR,spa,por,bel (has 5, PLAYS ONE SHORT)
GERMANY (Mehaffey): BER,KIE,MUN,hol (has 4)
ITALY (Dennehy): ROM,VEN,NAP,tun (has 4)
RUSSIA (Harris): MOS,STP,WAR,SEV,rum,nwy,swe (has 7)
TURKEY (Miszti): ANK,SMY,CON,bul (has 4)
Neutral: none (Total=34)

Addresses of the Players

AUSTRIA: Fearghal O'Donnchu, fearghal.odonnchu of

ENGLAND: Ray Setzer, mczet of

FRANCE: Niclas Pérez, perez of

GERMANY: Mike Mehaffey, mehaffey of

ITALY: Brian Dennehy, brian.dennehy of

RUSSIA: Toby Harris, Toby.Harris of

TURKEY: Emeric Miszti, emeric of

DIPDOM NEWS SECTION (with letters)

Obscure and not-so-obscure ramblings on the state of the hobby and its publications, custodians, events, and individuals with no guarantee of relevance from the fertile keyboard of Jim-Bob, the E-Mail Dip world, and the rest of the postal hobby. My comments are in italics and ((double quotation marks)) like this. Bold face is used to set off each individual speaker. I should also make a note that I do edit for syntax and spelling on occasion.

The game Diplomacy is a copyrighted product owned by Hasbro and all reproductions or other use of that material in this szine is intended to be personal use and not infringe on those rights in any way. All reproductions are done at a heavy financial loss to the editor and thus are without the remotest possibility of commercial intent, except to promote THE game, the Game of Diplomacy, which you all should purchase from Hasbro or other duly licensed distributors.

Check out the new Diplomacy World -

The New Year issue HAS been released and features a doozy of an interview with Brandon Clarke of New Zealand. Also, the ``Ruffians'' demo game has a write up with an introduction to the full negotiation history on the Diplomatic Pouch's Showcase web site. You can see how our very own Paul Rauterberg was screwed over by former World Champion Chris Martin not once, not twice, but at least THREE times. But Chris didn't win.... not that time. There also are some summaries on all the different ways to play Diplomacy in the World at the present time and some writeups on last year's major British Diplomacy conventions. Kath Collman's write up I found particularly gripping and illuminating reading! If you want to subscribe in paper form at $3 per issue, North American subs should be sent to David Partridge, 15 Woodland Drive, Brookline, NH 03033, USA. Stephen Agar is handling international postal subscriptions and you can write to him at: 47 Preston Drove, Brighton, BN1 6LA, UK. Issues from Stephen will cost you 2 GBP in the UK and 3 GBP for the rest of the world.

Next issue I will start resolving the question of the back issue subs. I have money from Doug Kent now. If you were a subber to Diplomacy World and explicitly are sure you DO NOT want your sub filled out or you are sure you DO want your sub filled out, then please contact me NOW. If you aren't sure, I will start contacting you shortly.

Stephen Agar (Sat, 20 Jan 2001 00:04:23)

I am trying to complete the collection of issues of Diplomacy World in the UK Diplomacy Zine Archive, so I can start scanning them all for the DW web site.

Does anyone out there have copies of issues: 26, 28, 34, 64, 72-73

That they are willing to donate / sell / send photocopies. It would be nice to get all the back issues on the web for posterity. Please email me if you can help.

Thanks, Stephen, stephen of

((I know there are people on this mailing list that can help Stephen out on this. We have the first issue up on the web now and plan to put them all up this year. The next Demo Game in Diplomacy World has started and if you want to watch it in real time, see below, thanks to Rick Desper for GMing the series. The next issue of DW will have some expanded introductions to the game, which has just finished the first game year.))

Rick Desper (Wed, 24 Jan 2001 21:12:30 GMT)

Hi folks, We've started a demo game including an international cast of characters on the USIN judge. To include more people, we're playing Modern, which is, IMHO, the best variant. We've got the designer, the best player of the variant, and a couple former world champions on board. The intent of the game is to watch great players in action, for me to collect the press to be published at the end of the game in the DipPouch showcase section, and Jim-Bob Burgess will be publishing the game in Diplomacy World as it goes along.

The name of the game is Recount, please sign on as an observer, if you wish. Comments from the peanut gallery are allowed, within reason. (Teasing the various leaders can always be fun.) We will not be using the game as a forum to discuss political issues, in spite of the name I chose (on Nov. 8, not coincidentally.)

An introduction to the players:

Britain in game `recount' - Name: Christian Dreyer - Country: Sweden: Christian is a former FTF World Champion, UK champion, and the winner of the prior game in this series, Ruffians.

Egypt in game `recount' - Name: Zoltan Toth - Country: Hungary: Zoltan is a ferociously strong Gunboat player who is up to 4th place in the Modern HoF on the strength of three victories in this variant. He's also won games of a few other variants when I've been GMing.

France in game `recount' - Name: Chris Martin - Country: USA: Chris Martin is another former World Champion, American Champion, and the only guy who has ever convinced me to help throw a game. The latter accomplishment is quite impressive in my mind (I'm not Jim-Bob, who throws games left and right for kicks.).

Germany in game `recount' - Name: Twerg - Country: Ireland: Fearghal `Twerg' O'Donnchu, our representative from Ireland, is a nasty player who, among other things, pulled off the most impressive Italy I'd seen in years last year at WDC. Instead of wasting time trying to decide between attacking Austria or Turkey, he simply attacked both and grew exponentially! Talks faster than anybody else I know.

Italy in game `recount' - Name: Eric Person - Country: USA: Eric Person is the player who has had the most success with this particular variant. A student of psychology, Eric is a master at setting up alliances and positioning himself well for an endgame. It is quite maddening to lose a game to Eric because his ``ally" won't defend himself! (This has happened to me more than once!)

Poland in game `recount' - Name: Jason Whitby - Country: Australia: Jason is the leading Modern player from Australia, and comes highly recommended. His dedication rating on this judge is approximately 6900 points higher than Eric's, which readers can interpret as they wish.

Russia in game `recount' - Name: Gihan Bandaranaike - Country: United Kingdom: Gihan is one of the many strong players from the UK who came over and romped last year at World Dipcon, along with new World Champ Simon Bouton, Chetan Radia, and Vick Hall. They won the team championship as ``Best Asians".

Spain in game `recount' - Name: Vincent Mous - Country: Denmark: Vincent Mous is not only the designer of this variant, and in the top 10 at the Modern Hall of Fame, he's also become quite a distinguished FTF player, reaching the top board at Namur in 1999, among other accomplishments. A native Quebecois and resident of Denmark, Vincent is fluent at many languages, and much beloved by the Francophones.

Turkey in game `recount' - Name: Frank Johansen - Country: Norway: Jim-Bob and I met Frank last year at Baltimore's WDC, and we were both extremely impressed with his ability and poise. Frank brings a lot to the table.

Ukraine in game `recount' - Name: Melissa Nicholson - Country: New Zealand: Melissa ``Pox" Nicholson is a star in the New Zealand hobby, and was personally recommended to us by Brandon Clarke. (I believe Melissa and Jason are well-acquainted with each other.) She also lends the game the grace and delicacy of her gender. I'm sure she'll be gentle, like a Margaret Thatcher or Mary Matalin!

Anybody who wishes to observe the game, just send a message to the USIN judge (that's at the E-Mail address judge of with the command observe recount password. The first deadline is in early February.


Mike French (Thu, 1 Feb 2001 14:43:42 -0800 (PST))

I'm sending you this note to inform you of a face-to-face Diplomacy Tournament coming up this March. It is called the Missouri Compromise and it will be held at the Name-That-Con 14 convention. This is the first year for this tournament so any help getting the word out would be appreciated. The details are as follows:

The Missouri Compromise

March 9-11, 2001

Six Flags Ramada Inn

Eureka, MO

Name-That-Con 14

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Mike French, md_french of

((I met Mike at World Dip Con last year and this should be a good little con. Get there if you can!!!))


Comments on the 1999 year in music are now completed. I'm calling for 2000 comments now! Tell me anything you like about the year of 2000 in music. List a top two, a top ten, or a top 100, I don't care, just tell me something!!

Rip starts us off with a note that he sent before he saw last issue, I expect a follow up at some point.....

Rip Gooch (Fri, 26 Jan 2001 13:24:06 -0800 (PST)

Jim, To foreshadow a lengthier response to your comments on Kirsty, a quick aside about Neil Innes. You are aware, I am sure, of Eric Idle's other obsession, Rutland Weekend Television? Neil Innes provided the music for that also. Some wonderful stuff, too! Tenuous link to my very own Ripping Yarns, of course. How esoteric do ya wanna get?

Cheers, Rip G, ripgch of

((Hey, we can get as esoteric as you like. Recently on r.g.d I was discussing the British version of the Robot Wars series - I've actually only seen the second series hosted by Red Dwarf's Craig Charles in a really, really thick regional accent - where small robots are challenged by an obstacle course, house robots, and each other in a fascinating competition. This filled in a little of my very limited TV watching time between the two Survivor series ;-) as it appeared on my local PBS station. I've heard there is an American version on cable somewhere (which I don't have), but I'm assured it is much inferior to the Brit version.))

Warren Goesle (Thu, 18 Jan 2001 18:30:10)

Jim-Bob, I see that Puckett and Winfield made it into the Hall. There's a couple of others that I thought *should* have made it too, but maybe they will later.

Puckett will be the LAST player to go into the Hall of Fame having played all of his career with the Twins. Heck, he'll be the last player to go in having played more than 3 years with the Twins. Sad. ((Thanks for continuing to stand up for the little guys around here. Right now, I just don't care ;-) since the Red Sox are poised to make a free agent fueled run.))

On a happier note, one of the players who didn't get in (and really didn't deserve to, he only got 1 vote and won't be on next year's ballot), but who still brings a smile to my face is John Kruk. That player epitomized that Phillies team ('92 I think...lost to Toronto in the WS) that had NO athletes on it. They looked like a slow-pitch softball team. I thought Kruk ought to have a keg sitting next to him at First.

Goz - Dijon vu - The same mustard as before, gozcorp of

Steve Emmert (Sat, 3 Feb 2001 15:37:27 -0500)

Dear Jim-Bob - I was sorry to read of Gary's loss, but very happy to read about the reconciliation that preceded it. Mark Fassio and I have exchanged sentiments about taking the time to tell your parents that you love them, etc., but so many people think that life will go on forever, and there will always be time . . . but sometmes there isn't. Sometimes a loved one dies suddenly, and there is no time for any reconciliation, or just to tell someone that you're grateful, or that you love them, or whatever. ((Always a good reminder. My parents and I get along fine (no laughing, Dave....) but I did call them after I got this note.)) A great many families undergo rifts, and a sense of indignation prevents each side from trying to make peace. If this is you, forget your damned indignation. Make the first overture toward peace. Having an estranged loved one reenter your life is well worth the potential damage to your ego.

It is now too late for me to say anything at all to any of my ancestors; I am now the oldest in my line. But my stepfather, who raised me from the age of five, still lives in the house where I grew up, and I am very happy to be on very good terms with him; he's ``Dad." And while it is a bit uncomfortable for some men - present company included - to express such emotions, I am very glad to know that I have taken the time to tell him how proud I am to be known to the world as his son. I cannot imagine how I would feel if he died without my having taken this simple, but somehow difficult, step.

- - -

My spoiled-rotten daughter, now age six, has begun to develop musical taste beyond Christmas carols. We have thus far managed to avoid N-Sync (am I even spelling that correctly?) ((How would I know.... ;-)) and only a limited amount of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera has reached her so far. But she loves to listen to a CD about her favorite cartoon, ``The Powerpuff Girls." The amazing thing is, the damn thing's not bad; I even like a few of the tunes myself, proving that I might not be such a dinosaur after all. One of the tunes is by Devo, which is the only mainstream (this is how far we have come; I just called Devo ``mainstream") group on the disc, but in my opinion, the best stuff is by a British group called Bis.

Now, I am not recommending that everyone on your sub list go out and plunk down fifteen smackers just to test my daughter's musical tastes. Mozart it ain't. But there are worse things for kids to listen to. Such as, say, Britney Spears.

The most astonishing item on her list of favorites is from one of MY CD's, a collection of hits by The Outlaws. I am trying to cultivate in her ear an appreciation for ``Green Grass and High Tides," one of the half-dozen or so greatest tunes of the 70's. ((If we're talking ``great tunes'' it is amazing just how few of these there were in that decade..... I just keep thinking of the awful dreck of that decade like Terry Jacks singing ``Seasons in the Sun'' and the Bay City Rollers..... I was listening to space/progressive music and classical to escape from all of this until the Talking Heads, Joy Division, and Elvis Costello ignited new interests for me in 1977 or 78 or so.)) But so far she resists it in favor of the group's cover of ``Ghost Riders in the Sky." She would probably listen to it for an hour straight if I let her, and then ask for more.

- - -

I'm planning to attend PrezCon in Charlottesville February 23-25. I went last year and had a great time; especially Saturday morning when there wasn't a Dip round scheduled. Instead of playing some other game (this event is listed as the Winter National Boardgaming Championships, so there's lots more to play than just Calhamer's Epiphany), I went out to Shenandoah National Park and hiked all by myself. (That evening, when the rest of the table is comparing notes on which game they played that morning, I tell 'em I went out and hiked to the top of a mountain. This generally brought confused stares - ``Is there a mountainclimbing game at this con?") I will do it again this year, and am looking forward to that almost as much as seeing Dip friends, which is always the best part of going to cons. The games are third.

(I know; I know. Spoken like a guy who's never won a con before. Guilty.)

Steve, steve.emmert of

((You're probably just showing that you're more balanced than the rest of us.... similarly to the Brits, you also understand the importance of getting away from the Cons for REAL food as well. Next we have a note from Doug Kent about where he is living now.... since it comes from a couple of E-Mails, apologies if it is a bit jumbled.))

Doug Kent (Sat, 3 Feb 2001 13:42:54 -0600)

As for 30 miles south of Dallas being it still is undeveloped pretty much. I live here in Palmer, Texas. Population maybe 3000. 1 4-way stop sign intersection, no stoplights. Post Office not open on Saturday. No alcohol. No home mail delivery. 1 gas station, 1 small neighborhood grocery, 1 restaurant. One storefront has a medical clinic two days a week. Down by the highway a motel and a Subway store, and a weigh station. South a little more on I-45 in Ennis or Waxahachie there is more life (Waxahachie just opened a new Chilis - that's the big news), but here it is quiet. To the left of my duplex is a field where horses graze. To the right is a trailer where a Mexican guy lives who has roosters in his yard. Almost everyone has a pick-up truck. Down the street is the barely-used grainery.

((At first I thought that perhaps Plano had moved south ;-) but that's what I recall from when I did some bike riding out there when I lived there.))

Plano is just north of Dallas...these days Plano is fully developed (actually it is packed and the traffic is horrible) and just as full of dry cleaners on every block and Starbucks every 30 feet as the rest of Dallas.

((Oh, I know, Plano was GETTING like that in the 1980's when I lived there briefly and you could see it was just going to look like the rest of North Dallas.))

It's actually worse, more snotty rich suburban packed with over-expensive restaurants and oil-change places....

Doug, dipworld of

Richard Weiss (Wed, 24 Jan 2001 21:46:43 -0500)

Jim; A paucity of live music keeps me from selecting an official live best of 2000. BB King, Ali Farka Toure, Staci Eakes and The Mississippi Radio, Roy Rogers with Shana Morrison, Mahogany Piano are the highlights. The tickets I had to Counting Crows and had to give to friends because I was in Buffalo instead of Berkeley was the low point.

Regarding CDs, I had been unaware of Ali Farka Toure's new CD and found it so similar to his others that I was unappreciative. The new Counting Crows made my top list; as did BB King and Eric Clapton; Taj Mahal and Toumani Diabate ``Kulanjan"; and Adrian Ross, Didgereedoo Dreaming are the only truly new CDs I've listened to very often in 2000. Kulanjan explores the connection between the Blues and Western Mali music.

I almost wish I had a tv, so I could watch Jazz. Have you been? ((Nope, I have a TV, but don't have cable and hardly ever watch it. If I did, I don't think ***I*** could find jazz.))

For more post-election discussion, the Kiersay/Meyer-Briggs Personality Institutes are bragging that they predicted in September that Bush would win, based upon every election starting in 1900, when an Artisan personality-type runs against any other type, the Artisan wins. Gore is definitely not an Artisan. Nor did his campaign do anything to move away from the wonk-image he had, including the terribly conceived and planned slogan of ``I will fight for you." Who exactly was he going to fight: congress, my family, lawyers, regulators, the police, my neighbors? Which is to say, ``why do I want a President who has to fight, much less for me." Americans traditionally elect more gregarious people, images recently, deal makers and those who grease the wheels. Dubya. And, if it is true as I heard on the radio today that more than one governmental department took the ``w" keys off the computer keypads, tisk, tisk.

Most of my friends object when I say that ``Americans elected Bush" or anything similar. But, they/we are already whining about Bush's actions and plans. Already stopping funding to abortion/birth control internationally. I thought the Pope was the most wicked man in the world by not allowing his minions to promote birth control, Bush is pushing that now.

Oh well, America elected him, he won the presidency, we shouldn't be surprised.

Richard, richardweiss of

((A few last minute notes slip in under the wire....))

Warren Goesle (Tue, 13 Feb 2001 18:43:11)

Jim-Bob, I happened to be listening to ESPN radio today at lunch, mostly because I like listening to Tony Kornheiser, and partly because I thought they might discuss something important, like this weekend's Daytona 500 (I'd forgotten that ESPN doesn't do NASCAR anymore), but instead he had on a chap named Dick Vitale (maybe you've heard of him). ((Nah, I'm not a Prime Time Player and don't want to be one.....)) Ordinarily I'd have switched the station, but there wasn't much on elsewhere, and something that Vitale mentioned caught my ear. He said that there is/almost is/will be a vacancy in the Men's Head Basketball coaching position at the University of Rhode Island, and he thought he knew who might be up for the job. Since I knew that Jim-Bob would be interested in this I listened further. Fortunately I had parked the car by the time he mentioned a former employee of the State of Indiana, otherwise I might have run off the road.

I know that Rhode Island is small, but can you really toss a folding chair all the way across it?

Goz, Heaven doesn't want me, and Hell is afraid I'll take over. gozcorp of

((Jerry D. indeed has been relieved as of the end of the season, though just after the announced that he went into the hospital with exhaustion and George Blaney, his assistant, has been coaching the team. URI really is a disaster area and it's too bad, because Jerry D. is such a nice guy and works SO hard. But he got the job because it was thought he could keep Lamar Odom there (and despite some memorable back and forth stuff, he couldn't) and he hasn't really found his own way yet. As for the future, take it from me, there is no way in Heaven OR Hell that Bobby K. is coming anywhere near that job. It is thought by the Bobby apologists out there that they can rook little Rhody to reclaim Bobby the way they reclaimed Jim Harrick, but forget it. They still are trying to deal with internal auditing problems that Harrick and Jim Jr. created when they were there. Plus, they don't have much money, Bobby probably could only get 150,000 or so for the job. There are some interesting candidates out there, but Bobby is NOT one of them. Lots of people want to bring Tom Penders back from George Washington and while Tom says no, I say keep your eye on that one, it has some cherry trees in it - Penders still summers near URI and owns a house there. If not Penders, count on a young coach looking for a chance who views the A-10 as a move up. More college basketball please??? Go PC Friars..... we're gonna beat BC, we're gonna beat BC.... But we haven't talked about the UConn Lady Huskies in awhile, so let's go there next! Shea Ralph forever!!))

Rick Desper (Mon, 12 Feb 2001 12:31:27 -0500 (EST))

Can they win it all without Svet? What do you think? After Catchings went down for Tennessee, I thought it was in the bag. (Bad loss at ND notwithstanding.) But Svet was the leading scorer - a bad player to lose.

Of course, they still have Shea Ralph and Sue Bird.

Thoughts? Rick, desper of

((Of course they do, but they also have Diana Taurisi! I saw the game where they beat Tennessee awhile back (without cable, only the over the air national TV games make it into my house) where Svet hardly played and I thought they played better with Svet out and Taurisi on the floor. They've been suffering all year from the ``Svet's in, no, she's out...'' blues. They took off on a TEAR, killing and mutilating every team they've played since she went out. I think it practically guarantees another national championship and you can be sure that's what I'll be rooting for. Plus in Diana I have the replacement for Shea in my UConn fandom for future years. In any case, the future is now. The descriptions of the runs they've pulled off in the last few games to win with scores like 78-42 is truly amazing. Steve Langley has been sending me movie reviews and I really wanted to print this one since it is tipping me to make sure I see this movie, ``Snatch''. The previews are stunning, but I was worried that everything was in the previews, as they are in WAY too many movies these days.))

Steve Langley (Sun, 11 Feb 2001 18:23:31 EST)

First a few words about ``Hannibal." I read the book, I don't want to see a movie about that book. I didn't like the ending.

Now, ``Snatch"

Guy Ritchie first came to my attention with ``Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" which was a crime/comedy sort of movie that had great dialogue and a nearly incomprehensible if excellently told story. He's back with ``Snatch" which is an excellently written nearly incomprehensible story with great dialogue. Oh, yeah, it's a crime/comedy movie. I was reminded of ``Pulp Fiction".

Being a foreign film you might think subtitles. Being the foreign country is Great Britain you might think subtitles aren't required. You'd be wrong in both cases.

Part of the comedy comes from the various dialects and how even the British can't always understand each other. Brad Pitt plays Mickey O'Neal, a Piker (British slang for Gypsy) who is not to be trusted. Dennis Farina plays Cousin Avi, a crook from New York. Benicio Del Toro (late of ``Traffic") plays Franky Four Fingers, a New York gangster working with the Russian mafia. There are at least another dozen small and medium sized crooks all working at odds following interconnected story lines.

I know I'm easy and I seem to like nearly everything I see, but really, this is such a good movie.

Steve, Steflan of


2000G Nobody likes Lawyers, Fall 1902

Austria Bob Osuch ROsuch4082 of F albania -Greece, F BULGARIA SC support F Albania - Greece A galicia - SILISIA, A budapest -GALICIA, A serbia - BUDAPEST

England Rick Davis redavis914 of F belgium - CHANNEL, A wales - YORKSHIRE, F NORTH SEA - holland

France Scott Munson samunson71 of F IRISH SEA-yorkshire (imp), F channel - LONDON, A gascony - BREST A SPAIN - marseilles, F marseilles - GULF OF LYON

Germany Mike Barno mpbarno of A Ruhr -BELGIUM, F HOLLAND support A Ruhr -Belgium, A MUNICH hold, A KIEL Support F Holland, F DENMARK - North Sea

Italy Jim Burgess burgess of A NORTH AFRICA builds bridge to Gibraltar, F naples -TYRRHENIAN SEA F tyrrhenian sea - WESTERN MED, A PIEDMONT - marseilles

Russia Randy Ellis Bukowski1964 of A CONSTANTINOPLE support F Black Sea -Ankara, A RUMANIA - sevastopol, A warsaw- PRUSSIA, A NORWAY Hold, F SWEDEN - denmark, F black sea - ANKARA

Turkey Kent Pollard awargamer7 of A ARMENIA - sevastopol, F eastern med - IONIAN SEA, F aegean - SMYRNA

Supply Center Chart

Austria Vienna, Trieste, Budapest, Greece, Serbia, BULGARIA 6 build 1

England Liverpool, Edinburgh Lost London 2 lose 1

France Brest, Paris, Marseiles, Spain, Portugal, LONDON 6 build 1

Germany Kiel, Munich, Berlin, Belgium, Denmark, HOLLAND 6 build 1

Italy Rome, Naples, Venice, Tunis 4 even

Russia St. Pete, Moscow, Warsaw, Sevastopol, Sweden, Rumania NORWAY, ANKARA,


Turkey Smyrna, Lost Constantinople, Ankara, Bulgaria 1 lose 2

neutrals lost Holland and Norway 0

Winter 1902 due date is Thursday, February 1

Spring 1903 due date is Wednesday, February 21


Transylvania: The Frog walks into the pharmacy and demands birth control pills for his twelve year old daughter. Aghast, the pharmacist asks, ``Why, is she sexually active?" The Frog replies ``Nah, she just lays there like her mother."

CON-MOS: Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend...

Ambassador Hisam Po-llard to the World: My country is in a state of Chaos!!! The second army located in Armenia has broken off and declared a Jihad against the treacherous Russians to the North! Likewise the rogue fleet in the Med has set sail for some destination that only Allah knows....As for the remaining loyal fleet. It will defend our homeland to the end. I shall remain behind where I intend to join my brothers, and await the processing of my country...Ambassador Barno has kindly stated that he will place a penny on each one of my eyes when the time comes

THE ADVENTURES OF JIM-BOB (part four): Jim-Bob sat in traffic and reflected back to his bachelor days. He fashioned himself as ``Biff Chadwell III", well-hung studmuffin, heartbreaker and man about town. He confided to friends that his unit was like ``crack cocaine" and that once the women got a taste they could never get enough. His stable included the most sought after debs nation wide. That was before the VD scare.

VEN: ``Waiter, this coffee tastes like mud!" Waiter (somewhat annoyed): ``Of course, sir, it was just ground this morning."

(GER to FRA): Yes, I am a man of my word. However, my word is ``hyperweird".

(BARNO): Learned 4 new games at a housecon MLKing Day weekend: Dankapfel, Elchfest, the Tetris pseudo-boardgame, and Zoff in Buffalo. Bought Java just before that and played it for a second time. All told I played ten games of nine different titles, seven of them originally German. Five wins and two almost-wins, not bad considering many were four-player games.

Hoping for the best (and Italian pressure on France)

Mos-Con: Process....

Mos-Ber: Ing............

2000G Non Lawyers game, Winter 1902

Austria Bob Osuch ROsuch4082 of Build A Trieste Has F Greece, F Bulgaria sc, A Silisia, A Galicia, A Budapest, A Trieste

England Rick Davis redavis914 of Remove A Wales (No Such unit) I believe rules say English Channel is disbanded Has A Yorkshire, F North Sea

France Scott Munson samunson71 of NBR Has F Irish Sea. F London, A Brest, A Spain, F Gulf of Lyon

Germany Mike Barno mpbarno of Build F Berlin Has A Belgium, F Holland, A Munich, A Kiel, F Denmark, F Berlin

Italy Jim Burgess burgess of Has A North Africa, F Tyrrhenian Sea, F western Med, A Piedmont

Russia Randy Ellis Bukowski1964 of Build F St Petersburg (sc), A Warsaw, A Moscow. Has A Constantinople, A Rumania, A Prussia, A Norway, F Sweden, F Ankara, F St Petersburg (sc), A Warsaw, A Moscow

Turkey Kent Pollard awargamer7 of Remove A Armenia, F Smyrna Has F Ionian Sea

Spring 1903 due date is Wednesday, February 21

Paul Rauterberg 3116 W. American Dr. Greenfield, Wis. 53221 French Standby

414 691-4264 tantranrg of

GM-All: One player sent a comment stating that he would NMR people that were late and get on with the game. That is enough for me, from here on out the deadline date is the deadline date and late is an NMR.

Also in spring of 1901 I wanted to adjust Mike's misorders, because the intent was obvious. The same with England removal this season. Needless to say, I didn't do either. What do you people think?


Moscow to Smyrna: Just remember that none of this would have happened if you had gotten your orders in on time during Fall 1901. GET ALL THE WAY!

Ambassador Hisam Po-llard to the World: My country has fallen, and I have made peace with Allah. The rogue fleet shall battle least for awhile. Perhaps glory will come with Death...

GER-RUS: Ahem. Hmmm.

Russia to Germany: Sorry Fuzzyhead but really I had nowhere else to go...

Aboard the Turkish frigate ``Allah's Revenge: I, the acting commander of the rogue fleet now occupying the Ionian Sea, am determined to DIE in battle!!! My country is in ruins and I intend to bring about the Destruction of another Nation along with my own....I have enough fuel and supplies to last one more year and I shall use that time wisely.(Please contact me aboard ship, Mr. Munson) Allah Be Praised!!!

Moscow to Paris: Where are you? Oregon? Pennsylvania? All the Way? I was hoping you'd stop by in KC for a visit... I guess not.

GER-FRA: So are you now a free Oregoonie? Or a slave of the phone company? (One more category of job that Randy couldn't cope with.)

Russ Rusnak 1551 High Ridge Parkway Westchester, Il 60154 GM 708 409-0718 RRRRRUSNAK of

Bob Osuch 19137 Midland Ave. Mokena, Il. 60448 AUSTRIA 708 478-3885 ROsuch4082 of

Rick Davis POB 1753 Santa Ynez, Ca. 93460 ENGLAND 831 678-4470 redavis914 of

Paul Rauterberg FRANCE

Mike Barno 634 Dawson Hill Road Spencer, NY 14883 GERMANY 607 589-4906 mpbarno of

Jim Burgess 664 Smith Street Providence, RI 02908 ITALY 401 351-0287 burgess of

Randy Ellis 3116 McGee, Apt 1N Kansas City, Mo. 64111 RUSSIA 816 931-8406 Bukowski1964 of

Kent Pollard PO Box 5726 Fresno, Ca. 93755-5726 TURKEY 559 243-0897 awargamer7 of


``So I called up George and he called up Jim, I said let's make a deal.

He said he'd talk to him. Gonna start a church where you can save yourself,

You can make some noise, When you've got no choice...

You told me useful things, what people think of me, I guess I should thank you.

It's true, then I agree... I'm all alone, I've got no choice,

I'm all alone, I've got no choice."

From ``Got No Choice" by the incomparable Mark Cutler, from the CD Mark Cutler and Useful Things.

If you want to submit orders, press, or letters by E-Mail, you can find me through the Internet system at ``burgess of''. If anyone has an interest in having an E-Mail address listed so people can negotiate with you by computer, just let me know. FAX orders to (401) 277-9904.

Standby lists:

Bruce Linsey, Mike Barno, Dick Martin, Brad Wilson, Jack McHugh, Glenn Petroski, Steve Emmert, Mark Kinney, Vince Lutterbie, Eric Brosius, Paul Rauterberg, Stan Johnson, Randy Ellis, Bob Acheson, Heath Gardner, Phil Reynolds, Paul Kenny, Dan Gorham, and John Schultz stand by for regular Diplomacy.

Brad Wilson, Jack McHugh, Phil Reynolds, Jim Sayers, and Kurt Ozog stand by for the Modern Diplomacy game.

Art Schleinkofer and Harold Reynolds stand by for Colonia. Help, more are needed for this game, maps are provided for free by me.... or by Harold Reynolds just ask.

Let me know if you want on or off these lists, especially OFF. Standbies get the szine for free and receive my personal thanks.


LAWYERS GAME: Steve Koehler, Stephen Agar and Steve Emmert already have signed up. We're searching for lawyers, contact me if you have any leads! We've invited Thomas Libby and Edwin Turnage. Plus I'm still looking for a current address for Mark Franceschini. Official standby for the game is David Hood.

Eric Ozog will be running Air-Sea Diplomacy some time in the future. You can contact Eric at ElfEric of if you are interested in the game. I'll publish the rules closer to a time when Eric wants it to start.

REGULAR DIPLOMACY GAME OPENING: FILLED!!! Matt Sundstrom, James Alan Tretick, Jody McCullough, Doug Kent, Kent Pollard, Warren Goesle, and Don Williams are signed up. Jim and Matt are paid up, I need $20 from the rest of you, five dollars of that is for the NMR insurance, which is waivable (to fifteen for the base fee) if you are on regular E-Mail or I already have NMR insurance in hand for you from another game (for example, I have four dollars in hand for Don, five for Goz, and perhaps some for Kent). Right now I have no preference lists in hand, so the draw will be random (recall, I require lists from everyone to avoid a random draw). I'll start the game in the next issue, presuming I get money from you guys. The other Diplomacy oriented opening left that I am GMing in this szine is an opening for a game of Star Trek Diplomacy! See Stephen Agar's rules on his web page at (new location, and including that little typo on ``start trek''):

I decided how I will treat the Star systems and the ``revolving rings'' rule. I will keep the map as a ``code" and the real locations (which I will provide as names from Star Trek) will rotate through the coded spaces. This WILL make it easy to make up maps. The game start is open now, and since I want to STRONGLY encourage press, you can sign up and ``claim'' a race. Jack McHugh claims the Federation, Chris Trent claims the Ferengi, Stephen Agar claims the Borg, and Jody McCullough claims the Romulans. Buddy Tretick and Roland Sasseville, Jr., also are set to play. The other races in the game are the Klingons, Cardassians, Species 8472, and the Vulcans. We ONLY need two more, let's get this one going.

John Harrington is offering to guest GM a game of Office Politics. Any interest in that?? Let me or John know! Jody McCullough is now interested, anyone else?

Also, I am going to design some postal rules for Devil Take the Hindmost, and Chris Lockheardt is pulling out of that opening too, so I need three players. Eoghan Barry is signed up. Postal rules from me will be forthcoming shortly, on my never ending to-do list. I will get them in SOON!

I also am taking names for the new NYEED and Breaking Away games. I am going BACK to the designer rules for Breaking Away that allow cards of greater than 15 to be replenished. I printed the original postal rules in Issue #239, if you need a copy and don't have that issue, just ask. Breaking Away has Jim Tretick, Rick Desper signed up thus far.

Stephen Agar runs a British Diplomacy mailing list and has a new broader web postal gaming web site too at:

and if you are interested, contact Stephen Agar at stephen of who still heads up The Diplomatic Pouch postal section or or join the Brit hobby mailing list at (aw, you guessed it, another new address):

FANTASTIC VOYAGE: 1999K, Regular Diplomacy


Winter 1904

AUSTRIA (Rauterberg): has a GAL, a TYO, a BUD, a VEN, f TYH, a SIL, a NAP.

ENGLAND (Biehl): has f MID, f NAF, f WES, a BEL.

FRANCE (Davis): has a MAR, f GOL, a GAS.

GERMANY (Shreve): bld a kie; has a KIE, a MUN, a PAR, a BER, f ENG,

a BRE, a BUR.

ITALY (Tallman): has a TUS.

RUSSIA (Tretick): bld a stp; has a STP, a LVN, a MOS, f NAT, a WAR.

TURKEY (Ellis): bld f smy; has f SMY, a GRE, f ION, a SEV, a RUM,

f BLA, a UKR.

Addresses of the Participants

AUSTRIA: Paul Rauterberg, 3116 W. American Dr., Greenfield, WI 53221, (414) 281-2339 (E-Mail)

trauterberg of

ENGLAND: John Biehl, 8809 Delwood Drive, Delta, BRITISH COLUMBIA, V4C 4A1 CANADA,

(604) 589-9124 ($10); jeen of

FRANCE: Rick Davis, 1130 Hevrin Cr., Soledad, CA 93960.

(831) 678-4470

redavis914 of

GERMANY: Dwayne Shreve, 739 Union Church Road, Elkton, MD 21921 ($5)

dwayneshreve of

ITALY: Terry Tallman, 3805 SW Lake Flora Road, Port Orchard, WA 98367, (360) 874-0384 ($2)

terryt of

RUSSIA: Buddy Tretick, 9607 Conaty Circle, Spotsylvania, VA 22553, (540) 582-2356 (E-Mail)

bernietretick of

TURKEY: Randy Ellis, 3116 McGee, Apt. 1N, Kansas City, MO 64111, (816) 931-8406 ($10)

bukowski1964 of

Game Notes:

1) You guys seem pretty active, way to go!


(DATELINE: BERLIN): The Kaiser wishes to inform the world that when the earthquake hit mostly in El Salvador, His Excellency was disguised as a somewhat poverty stricken US tourist on a beat up old bus heading toward Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, and felt not a thing.

The esteemed leader also expresses concern as to the state of beer in northern Central America. He notes that often the main good aspect was its coldness, citing El Salvador as a ``wasteland." Based on previous trips while similarly incognito, he reports that Moza of Guatemala was still the best quaff in the area, but still relatively hard to find.

(BOOB to BERLIN): Send some of that beer THISAWAY!

(Sometimes I Feel Like) FLETCHER CHRISTIAN: 1999Cgh013, Colonia VIIb Diplomacy



Spring 1756

AUSTRIA (Prosnitz): f tahiti-SOUTH PACIFIC OCEAN, f naples-ADRIATIC SEA, a vienna-BAVARIA,

a trieste-BOSNIA, a MATTO GROSSO S f bahia-ricefe, a venice-TRIESTE, f CORAL SEA S

f new zealand-tasman sea, f bahia-RICEFE, f IONIAN SEA S f greece-eastern mediterranean,

a BOLIVIA h, a TOULON S SPANISH a aragon-bordeaux, a BULGARIA S a trieste-bosnia,

f SAMOA S f tahiti-south pacific ocean, a RHINE S a swisse-burgundy,

f greece-EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN, a AMAZON S a bolivia, f new zealand-TASMAN SEA,

a SAVOY S a swisse-burgundy, a swisse-BURGUNDY, a VENEZUELA h, f LIGURIAN SEA S a toulon,

f ecuador-GULF OF PANAMA.

CHINA (Acheson): f AMOY-east china sea, f EAST CHINA SEA-south china sea,

f SOUTH CHINA SEA-gulf of siam, a kashmir-MAHRATTA, a TIBET S a nepal,

f SEA OF JAPAN S f amoy-east china sea, a szechuan-LAOS, f JAPAN S f amoy-east china sea,

a wuhan-SZECHUAN, a laos-CAMBODIA, a NEPAL S a kashmir-mahratta, a manchuria-SIBERIA,

f SEA OF OKHOTSK-north pacific ocean.

ENGLAND (Power): a nigeria-TOGO, f edinburgh-NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN, f MALAYA-gulf of siam,

f gulf of guinea-MID-ATLANTIC OCEAN, a BURMA S a bay of bengal-bengal,

f EAST ATLANTIC OCEAN-azores, f HUDSON BAY-massachusetts (imp), f andaman sea-MALAY

SEA, a ashanti-GHANA, a FLANDERS-paris, a FEZAN S SPANISH a nubia-sudan,

a argentina-BRAZIL, f bay of bengal-BENGAL, f quebec S f hudson bay-massachusetts

(d r:grand banks,otb), f CENTRAL ATLANTIC OCEAN S f gulf of guinea-mid-atlantic ocean,

f ENGLISH CHANNEL-east atlantic ocean, f SW ATLANTIC OCEAN S a argentina-brazil,

a angola-CONGO, a chile-ARGENTINA, a ghana-DAKAR, f ceylon-BAY OF BENGAL,

f hague-HELGOLAND, f SURINAM S f central atlantic ocean.

FRANCE (Alme): a ONTARIO S a massachusetts-quebec, a VOLTA-dakar,

a burgundy-toulon (d ann), f BRITTANY-bordeaux, a massachusetts-QUEBEC,

a SAHARA-dakar, a MANITOBA h, a PARIS S a burgundy-toulon.

NETHERLANDS (O'Donnell): f tasman sea-ANTARCTIC OCEAN.

OTTOMAN (Johnson): f gulf of aden-ethiopia (d r:yemen,otb),

a ARMENIA-caucasus, a EGYPT S a sudan, f ARABIAN SEA-somali sea, f BLACK SEA-istanbul,

a PUNJAB S CHINESE a kashmir-mahratta, a SUDAN S f gulf of aden-ethiopia,

f RED SEA S a sudan, f ISTANBUL-eastern mediterranean, a persia-KAZAKSTAN,

a ural h (d r:omsk,otb), f WAKE-south pacific ocean.

PORTUGAL (Stimmel): f CANARIES S f azores, f nizam-goa (d r:khandesh,otb),

a mahratta S a bhutan-nepal (d r:circars,khandesh,otb), f mid-atlantic ocean-ricefe

(d r:se atlantic,bahia,otb), f AZORES S f canaries, a VANCOUVER S a oregon,

a OREGON S a vancouver, a BHUTAN-nepal, f IFNI S f canaries.

RUSSIA (Rauterberg): a MOSCOW S a kiev-ural, f cape colony-SOUTH INDIAN OCEAN,

f NATAL-somali sea, f WEST PACIFIC OCEAN S SPANISH f philippine sea-east china sea,

a st.petersburg-LITHUANIA, a CRIMEA S a caucasus, a prussia-HANOVER,

f WEST INDIAN OCEAN S f goa-nizam, f hawaii-NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN, f goa-NIZAM,

f norway-FINLAND(NC), a kiev-URAL, a CAUCASUS h, a ROMANIA S AUSTRIAN a bulgaria,

a hanover-HAGUE, a bengal-mahratta (d r:circars,otb), a MOZAMBIQUE-natal,

f barents sea-ST.PETERSBURG(NC).

SPAIN (Partridge): a mexico-TEXAS, a florida-LOUISIANA, f valencia-GIBRALTAR,

a madrid-HUE, f manila-SUBIC BAY, f sargasso sea-CUBA, f subic bay-TAIWAN,

f somali sea-GULF OF ADEN, a LEON S a aragon-bordeaux, a aragon-BORDEAUX,

f SOMALIA S f somali sea-gulf of aden, f SOLOMON SEA-philippine sea,

a TAUREG S a timbuktu, f CALIFORNIA S RUSSIAN f hawaii-north pacific ocean,


f guam-central pacific ocean, a LISBON h, f MOROCCO S f valencia-gibraltar,

f PHILIPPINE SEA-east china sea, a ETHIOPIA S a nubia-sudan,

a OHIO S a virginia-massachusetts, a TIMBUKTU S ENGLISH a ghana-dakar,

a tunis-NUMIDIA, a virginia-MASSACHUSETTS, a LIBYA-egypt,

f WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN S f morocco, f TARAWA-solomon sea.

Supply Center Chart

AUSTRIA (Prosnitz): BUD,VIE,TRI,TAH,ven,bav,bel, (has 22)
CHINA (Acheson): PEK,WUH,XIA,AMO,tib,tai,NAN, (has 13)
ENGLAND (Power): NIG,MLA,EDI,LON,kam,sia,ire, (has 23)
FRANCE (Alme): PAR,DAK,BDX,mas,ont,ala, (has 7)
NETHERLANDS (O'Donnell): MEL (has 1)
OTTOMAN (Johnson): IZM,JER,BAG,IST,persia,egy, (has 12)
PORTUGAL (Stimmel): BRA,mah,azo,kha,ric,ore,ifn, (has 9)
RUSSIA (Rauterberg): MOS,KIE,CAP,STP,CRI,pol,moz, (has 18, PLAYS ONE SHORT)
SPAIN (Partridge): MAD,MEX,SOM,VAL,MAN,cal, (has 28)
Neutral: cub (Total=136)

Addresses of the Participants

AUSTRIA: Gene Prosnitz, 2600 Netherland Ave., Apt. 1116, Riverdale, NY 10463, (718) 601-8131 ($5)

ProsnitzE of

CHINA: Bob Acheson, 807-556 Laurier Ave., Ottawa, ONTARIO K1R 7X2, CANADA ($5)

racheson of

ENGLAND: John Power, 18 Tilton Court, Baltimore, MD 21236, (410) 933-8827 ($4)

natjohn2 of or jrpower of

FRANCE: Hank Alme, 506 Paige Loop, Los Alamos, NM 87544

almehj of

NETHERLANDS: Sean O'Donnell, 2219 Grafton Road, Grafton, OH 44044

sean_o_donnell of, seanside of

OTTOMAN: Stan Johnson, 2401 W. Southern Ave. #56, Tempe, AZ 85282, (602) 454-9356 ($5)

PORTUGAL: Robert Stimmel, Apt. #57, Casa de Sherry Apts., 2462 North Sycamore Blvd.,

Tucson, AZ 85712-2541, (520) 326-8369 ($5)

RUSSIA: Paul Rauterberg, 3116 W. American Dr., Greenfield, WI 53221, (414) 281-2339 (E-Mail)

trauterberg of

SPAIN: Dave Partridge, 15 Woodland Drive, Brookline, NH 03033

rebhuhn of

Game Notes:

1) Very bloody this time with loads of retreats. Check my adjudication please! But, I am getting the hang of this variant. I pretty much GM the game in my head the same way I GM all the other games now, with a few extra glances at the map, plus careful checking of retreat options. Did I get them right??


(CHINA-SPAIN): My expectations aren't very high for your continued non-aggression.

(CHINA-PORTUGAL): There may be a way out of our current problems. Drop me a note.

SECRETS: 1999D, Regular Diplomacy


Summer 1906

ENGLAND (Sayers): has f NTH, f NWG, f HEL, f BRE, f SPA(SC).

FRANCE (Sasseville): has f GOL, a PAR, a MAR.

GERMANY (Johnson): has a BER, a MUN, f KIE, a BUR, a PIC.

ITALY (Schultz): R a tri-TYO; has f NAP, a PIE, f TUN, f WES, a TYO.

RUSSIA (Trent): has a STP, f NWY, a PRU, a SIL, f SKA, a SWE, a MOS.


f APU, f ADR, f ION, a ALB, f AEG, a VIE, a TRI.

Addresses of the Participants

ENGLAND: Jim Sayers, 15 Holdsworth Street, Woollahra 2025, AUSTRALIA ($10)

100233.513 of

FRANCE: Roland Sasseville, Jr., 38 Bucklin Street, Pawtucket, RI 02861, (401) 481-4280 ($2)

roland6 of and ICQ: 40565030

GERMANY: Stan Johnson, 2401 W. Southern Ave. #56, Tempe, AZ 85282, (602) 454-9356

ITALY: John Schultz, PO Box 1322, Valparaiso, IN 46384, (219) 614-1406

probo of

RUSSIA: Chris Trent, 3536 Watt Avenue, #B205, Sacramento, CA 95821, (916) 489-6138 ($5)

chrisimaus98 of

TURKEY: Standby is Bruce Linsey, PO Box 234, Kinderhook, NY 12106

GonzoHQ of

Game Notes:

1) Scott Munson has resigned (see note at head of szine) and I have selected Bruce Linsey to standby and play the position. Fall deadline is unchanged as Bruce has known about the position for awhile now and probably already has communicated with most of you. I think this is Bruce's first postal Diplomacy game in quite some time.


(E to R): At least I know you are the enemy, despite your charming letters. May you continue to enjoy Denmark, Chris.

(E to G): I give up on you, Stan. The snail mail situation has defeated me also. You have never answered a single letter of mine. You attacked me when Chris told you to. Why should I try to keep him off Germany?

SADDAM HUSSEIN: 1999Arn42, Nuclear Yuppie Evil Empire Diplomacy - Black Hole Variant


Addresses of the Participants

Sandy Kenny, 23 East Coulter Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108-1208

Jody McCullough, 1071 Brown Avenue, Lafayette, CA 94549-3153

jodymc of (note that is new)

Richard Weiss, 2246 Gateway Oaks Dr. #307, Sacramento, CA 95833, (916) 924-7966

diplomat of

Sara Reichert, 20805 Margaret, Carson, CA 90745-1224

sarareichert of

John Schultz, PO Box 1322, Valparaiso, IN 46384, (219) 462-0474

Soon to be adding E-Mail and a Cell Phone Number!!!

Heath Gardner, 3017 Mayview Road, Raleigh, NC 27607, (919) 834-4832

hgardner of or TankYouVeddyMuch of

Mike Barno, 634 Dawson Hill Road, Spencer, NY 14883

mpbarno of

Final Standings

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 TOTAL

SANDY KENNY  4  3  0  5  1  3  2 18
JODY MCCULLOUGH  3  1  6  1  3  3  3 20
RICHARD WEISS  4  1  0  5  5  0  2 17
SARA REICHERT  1  2  2  4  1  4  2 16
JOHN SCHULTZ  0  6  2  2  4  5  0 19
HEATH GARDNER  5  0  3  0  0  3  2 13
MIKE BARNO  0  5  4  3  3  4  1 20
Black Holed 15 15 16 11 16 11 20 104
Neutral  2  1  1  3  1  1  2 11

Total 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 238

Times GM Nuked  1  1  3  5  1  1  2 14
Ind. Prison Off.  0  0  1  1  1  0  0  3
Greenland  1  0  0  0  0  0  0  1
Iceland  1  0  0  0  0  0  0  1
Kurt Ozog  0  1  0  0  0  0  0  1
Beale St., SF  0  1  0  0  0  0  0  1

Game Notes:

1) Note that Jody won the game by the victory criterion since he had more centers in 1907 (coming from behind counts for more). Everyone else lined up very nicely (perhaps with a bit of plotting??) with no tie breaks needed.

2) I am taking reservations for the Edward Teller game, which will be the next NYEED 7x7 game in this series. Since it was asked, I'll remind everyone that we will again be playing the Black Hole Variant. Join THE most fun game in all Dipdom. Karl Muller, Harry Andruschak, and Sandy Kenny are on board.

3) I'll keep the game in here until the Endgame statements or press die out.


(WEISS-NUKEMASTER): What is this stuff pulling up rules about tie-breakers? There are no tie-breakers in Dip! If I get into another game I'm nuking you every turn. Here I conspire with two other sure losers to create a three-way tie. One of the conspirators goes on to win because of a tie-breaker. Sheesh. ((Hee, hee, hee, that's why I published the rules again, just to show you what happens!))

(RICHARD-JODY): If you knew you'd win by my scheme, then shame on you. Pax on your Visa nights and may errant viruses invade your transition (Well, that is taking this outside the hobby, so I don't really wish that).

(WEISS-EDWARD TELL HER THAT I'M NOT COMING): Enjoy all. I will watch from the sidelines, acid tongue in my own cheek.

(RICHARD-SWEET SARA): I think I had to take a test about gynecomastia once. Didn't see any real cases of it in practice. Not thought about it much in 6 plus years. Drugs, particularly alcohol but most infamously pot were related. So, I know that's not the cause. There are a few serious etiologies, Harry, I surely hope you have already ruled those out or do quickly. I have my fingers crossed for no explanation, which means no risk, just one of those flukes. Please do keep me informed.

(WHITEGERMAN to NUKEMASTER): You have slipped, severely slipped, JackBobbey. Way slipped. You ax (I just spent a weekend in New Orleans and was so delighted to hear the proper pronunciation of the verb to inquire about) for abuse and then when I give you a slight portion you apologize to me. ``I thought you might be annoyed." ``Might be annoyed" Whoa. Hold on. Dr. Strangelove riding in on each nuke. ((That was Slim Pickens....)) You pretend you expected us to read the rules. ((Yes)) You pretend you published the rules. ((Not only that, I can tell you which issue, it was #215 and you can go look it up on the Web. It was my second guess (I tried 214 first), so it wasn't hard. Not only that, I published the rules WITH the first turn (at the request of the Miller Number Custodian), so I'm sure you saw them. No excuse. Still, please feel free to annoy and harass me about it....)) You resort to ``1984" tactics of rewriting history and going back into the TAP files on the internet to change what TAP barely more than John Boardman had when he was turning 26 included, so as to fool the naive. I am on to you. Everyone in this game is on to you. ((Heh, heh, obviously, obviously it is me.)) You are obviously not able to be trusted. How could 666 and 668 Smith St. have been nuked and you still scribble out issues? ((Because I live at 664....)) We are on to you, and your revisionist creation of history. Next you will tell us that Gore won the!! popular vote in the 2000 election and that Bush had a larger percentage of the vote cast than in either election that Wee Willie ``won." ((I might....)) You might even convince us that the scoring system for NYEED is based upon the Providence men's basketball team W-L percentage. ((No, the PC men's basketball team W-L percentage is too good for that, and getting better!!!)) Try it. You are not fooling me. And don't try to mollycoddle me by saying I might be annoyed. Annoyed is not the word. Try enjoyed. Enjoyed the game thoroughly. Thank you for the fun and the ability to abuse you and pick on those other tender-skin players. Next thing you know we'll hear that John Boy survived the nuclear blasts as well. As you know, I moved from Beale St. before the blasts occurred there. And when anyone watched the Giants games broadcast from PacBell Park they could see the remnants of Beale ST - yup, McCovey Cove. I still wish they'd called it JackBobbey cove. Again, enjoyed. Thanks for the fun all. Sorry I take on this jecklish personality. Think I will go Hyde now. ((Didn't you already do that!!!???))

COME AND HAVE A GO (If You Think You're Hard Enough): 1998V, Diplomacy


Winter 1907

AUSTRIA (Pollard): rem f gre, f adr; has a GAL, a MOS, a SER,

a SEV, a WAR.

ENGLAND (Tallman): rem f yor; has f GOB, f NWY.

FRANCE (Morris): bld f bre, a par; has f BRE, a PAR, a MAR, f LON, a SIL,

f DEN, a KIE, f HOL, a BUR, a WAL.

GERMANY (Sayers): has a MUN, a BER.

ITALY (Emmert): bld a ven, a rom, f nap; has a VEN, a ROM, f NAP, f ION, a TRI, a PIE,

f CON, f BUL(SC), f EDI, f WES, a VIE, a BUD.

RUSSIA (Reynolds): has a STP.

TURKEY (Barno): has f BLA, a RUM.

Addresses of the Participants

AUSTRIA: Kent Pollard, PO Box 5726, Fresno, CA 93755-5726 ($4)

ENGLAND: Terry Tallman, 3805 SW Lake Flora Road, Port Orchard, WA 98367, (360) 874-0384 ($3)

terryt of

FRANCE: Scott Morris, 12110 Shelbyville Rd., Louisville, KY 40243, (502) 893-8260 ($5)

Scottm221 of

GERMANY: Jim Sayers, 15 Holdsworth Street, Woollahra 2025, AUSTRALIA ($10)

100233.513 of

ITALY: New Player is Steve Emmert, 1752 Grey Friars Chase, Virginia Beach, VA 23456-5436,

(757) 471-1842; steve.emmert of

RUSSIA: Phil Reynolds, 2896 Oak Street, Sarasota, FL 34237, (813) 953-6952

preyno of

TURKEY: Mike Barno, 634 Dawson Hill Road, Spencer, NY 14883 ($5)

mpbarno of

Game Notes:

1) Scott Munson has resigned and Steve Emmert replaces him in the position.


(THE VIENNA UNDERGROUND): Ambassador Pollard was last seen purchasing a case of fine cognac just before embarking on a train which eventually took him to the gates of Moscow. Gone where the bright,brass bands playing the hymns of the Nation's victories. A cold winter had settled in, and the Austrian armies scattered throughout Russia, huddled down into the snows....and waited.

(MOSCOW): Governmental Press Release - A day of mourning shall be observed in remembrance of General Brahms who was killed in action while attending the theater in Budapest. Services will be held in Warsaw on Dec. the 12th (at 7:00 p.m.) ((Huh, did I miss something???? Let's bring Emmert into this, his wife is an Opera star, perhaps he can help....))

(VIRGINIA BEACH to PROVIDENCE): Wait a minute. A standby call - for a twelve-dot power? Jim-Bob, it isn't supposed to work this way. You know, I'm supposed to get a two-dot exile position. Do I have to promise to behave myself, or something? Or is this just a sympathy assignment, since I'm getting waxed so badly in So Good, and you don't want to lose me from the hard-copy sub list? ((Just lucky, I guess.... now do you have any idea what Kent is talking about???))

(EMMERT to MORRIS): Now I get to bug you on a regular basis about the irregular publication schedule of The Flat Head Society. So, why is it that you get these troublesome interruptions right AFTER I give you twenty bucks? Hmmm? ((You mean you gave money to HIM, a used car dealer??? Are you insane??? Oh, I forgot, you're a lawyer....))

(MORRIS to WORLD): Please email me at Scottm221 of or call Tuesdays or Wed at 1-800-380-4536.(9 to 7 PM EST) The French foreign office is open for any offers. Why don't we try diploming or something! Par LAY Vu Dip?

(EMMERT to BOARD): I gotta admit, there's something cool about taking over a position where you start out with boats in Edinburgh and Constantinople. Anybody want to sweet-talk the newcomer?

(NEAR THE BORDER): A farmer to a Turkish Soldier - I tell you! It does not matter! You, the people of the Sultan. You come this way, and the Austrian comes from the other. Will next the Italian come through here as well? It is better to prepare for Death now while we have time to do so, for soon we will run out of time. We will, as they say in the West, ``All the Way. Processed"... ((Double huh??? Oh well....))

(2ND ARMY GROUP): Commanded by General Munchousen to the Opposing Italian and Turkish Forces - It is with great distress to my country that you have seized our beloved cities. Admiral Von Sherrhodt and the fleets will be sorely missed. Our dream of an Austrian Navy has been blown and scattered, like the leaves of a Wartorn village. I must say that I had vested images of Glory and Battle in this War. It would seem that I will gain only the one... ((At least I THINK I understand that one! ;-) ))

(SONG): As the Battleship Brantschpohl slipped beneath the waves, (scuttled by her own crew) a sailor's song broke out upon the night, ``Farewell and Adieu ye ole Spanish lady... farewell and Adieu ye ladies of Spain..."

SO GOOD IT HURTS: 1998 P, Regular Diplomacy



Spring 1908

AUSTRIA (K. Ozog): a bud-VIE, f NAP S a apu-rom, a VEN S a tri-tyo, a vie-BOH,

f ION S ENGLISH f wes-tun, a apu-ROM, a tri-TYO.

ENGLAND (James): f MID-eng, f wes-TUN, a SPA h.

FRANCE (Kinney): a gas-BRE.

GERMANY (Goesle): a BER-lvn, f BAL C a ber-lvn, a SIL S a boh-gal,

f lon-ENG, f NWY h, a boh-GAL, a PAR S FRENCH a gas-bre, a pie-MAR,

f NTH S f lon-eng, f cly-NAO, a wal-LVP, a bel-BUR.

ITALY (Rauterberg): a rom h (d r:tus,otb).

RUSSIA (Rusnak): a WAR-lvn, f sev-BLA, a gal S AUSTRIAN a vie-boh

(d r:bud,ukr,otb), a STP-lvn, a smy-CON, a ukr-MOS,

f con-AEG, a bul-RUM.

TURKEY (Emmert): f tun-ion (d r:tyh,naf,otb).

Addresses of the Participants

AUSTRIA: Kurt Ozog, 391 Wilmington Drive, Bartlett, IL 60103, (630) 837-2813

heyday6 of

ENGLAND: Drew James, 8356 Radian Path, Baldwinsville, NY 13027-9357, (315) 652-1956 ($5)

kjames01 of

FRANCE: Mark Kinney, 4820 Westmar Terrace #6, Louisville, KY 40222, (502) 412-3079

alberich of

GERMANY: Warren Goesle, 3907 Cedar Ridge, #1B, Indianapolis, IN 46235 ($5)

gozcorp of

ITALY: Paul Rauterberg, 3116 W. American Dr., Greenfield, WI 53221, (414) 281-2339 ($5)

trauterberg of

RUSSIA: Russ Rusnak, 1551 Highridge Avenue, Westchester, IL 60154-3428 ($5)


TURKEY: Steve Emmert, 1752 Grey Friars Chase, Virginia Beach, VA 23456-5436, (757) 471-1842 ($4)

steve.emmert of

Game Notes:

1) The RAG has been discarded and burned. It's not over until it's over, but no RAGging is required.

2) Lots of retreats around here, some of them REAL interesting.....


(ENGLAND to TURKEY): Sorry buddy, I need Tunis more than you do. I have to keep at three in order to play any role in the game and keep the other two dots I have. I trust this isn't much of a disappointment to you, maybe even a favor...

(TURK-IN-EXILE to AUSTRIA): Dork, schmork. You've done a great job in this game. When you started, I wouldn't have bet twelve cents on your chances to survive another two years. But you're kickin' ass an' takin' names. My hat's off to you. And if you wait just a moment, I'll moon you, too.

(STEVE to JIM-BOB): I will confess to being very disappointed at the underwhelming response from lawyers for The Professional Division. I would have thought we would be chomping at the bit to see who got to throw out the first insurance company, and the lies would be flyin' by now. (Sigh.) I concur with Goz's suggestion; let's invite anyone else in a profession dominated by liars. Press agents, spin doctors, appraisers, politicians; they should all be welcome, but you should screen the applicants for quality. We can't allow anyone from an honorable profession. This is SUPPOSED to be a den of iniquity. ((What about used car dealers???? Hyork, hyork, hyork.....))

(TURKEY to RUSSIA): (In my best Reagan imitation) ``There you go again . . ."

(BOOB to TURKEY): Good choice.... isn't Ronnie one of Russ's heroes??

(STEVE to GOZ): Yeah, right. Rub it in with the Blackhawks. Come by sometime and I'll show you the bag I wear over my head during Canadiens games. ((I hear the Canadiens might be moving to Norfolk or Virginia Beach....))

(VIRGINIA BEACH to PROVIDENCE): I doubt Goz will vote for the RAG draw, unless you reconfigured it to a GAR. First among equals, and all that. ((Ahhhh, you're all just a bunch of fish anyway!!!))

(SU to RICHMOND): I haven't been keeping track of the Spiders performance this year, but my Orange are in good shape. They just had a big win against the Hoyas in the Dome.

(SPIDER to ORANGE): Forget it. The season ended, as far as I'm concerned, on Saturday evening when the Spiders lost to James Madison (currently in eighth place in the conference) by two points. Since we can't go to the conference tournament, the best possible finish is 21-6, and that requires them to win all of their last five games (including two against first-place VCU). With this conference's RPI, there's no way we can get an at-large bid. At least pitchers and catchers report February 13.

(BOOB CROWS): Yeah, baseball, bring on dem Yankees, we Red Sox are finally ready to knock 'em off!!!

(JAMES to WORLD): Speaking of SU, something has to be done about the Big East. I don't like the two divisions one bit. 14 is simply too many teams. It is time to rationalize the Big East and require all of the schools to be in for both basketball and football. Notre Dame either brings in their football team or takes a hike in basketball. Temple has a good basketball team, but the conference carries their horrible football team. In football, the Big East needs to add UCONN (they go DIV 1 next year I think) and Notre Dame. In basketball they need to add Temple and drop Providence, St John's, NOVA, Georgetown, and Seton Hall. I hate to lose all of those basketball teams with their history, but the league doesn't make sense anymore. Let them go off and form another basketball only conference. Losing the NYC metro area would be a problem, but if there were only 10 teams we could go back to home and away games. What do you think?

(BOOB to JAMES): I hate your idea and generally love the balancing act that Mike Tranghese has done with the conference, but you're looking at it through Syracuse (good in both football and basketball) eyes. ;-)

(JAMES to WORLD): I didn't think it would go down to well with a PC fan. As an alternative, I'd love to see them kick out some of the teams that are in only due to football really (W.Virginia, Miami, Rutgers, V. Tech) and get back to a basketball league that makes sense. I really don't care about football much, I just want a rational basketball league with home and away pairings!

(BOOB to JAMES [Wednesday, January 31, 2001 10:57 PM]): PC beat Villanova tonight and continues to play really, really well. St. John's should be very afraid on Saturday. ((And they weren't afraid enough, so NOW they are mad for the upcoming rematch..... John Linehan for All Big East First Team, he's embarrassed every point guard except Syracuse's and that only because he hasn't had the opportunity!)) I would go with the basketball only league (this is basically the way it used to be!), but money won't allow it.

(JAMES to WORLD): I guess SU is lucky that they don't play PC given how well they have been playing. Given the screwed up league we don't even play PC this year! What's with UCONN this year? I don't think they will make the NCAAs unless they do something in the tournament. ((UConn just has no team chemistry, they will make a late run, though, I think. It will cement an NIT spot, but no more.)) Oh well, I agree with you that we probably have the best league situation that is feasible, but I still don't like it. I just can't understand how you can have a league where some teams don't play others at all! I don't like having a team's success or failure depend so much on who they happen to play twice, who they play once and where, and who they don't play at all. There are so many good teams (and no great ones) in the Big East this year that I don't think it has made much of a difference, but it will in the future.



Turn 15

125 (Finishes!): Matthew(12)

123 (Finishes!): White Rabbit(16)

-F-I-N-A-L- -F-I-N-I-S-H- -L-I-N-E-

120 (no replenishment): None
119 (replenish with a 3): Alfred the Great, Darrell C
118 (no replenishment): None
117 (replenish with a 3): Mad Hatter
116 (replenish with a 4): John Logie-Baird, Mark, Pestilence
115 (no replenishment): None
114 (replenish with a 3): Broke Leg Meg, John, Darrell A
113 (replenish with a 6): Darrell B, Luke
112 (replenish with a 8): Sir Isaac Newton, Pollution, Mock Turtle, Shane the Chain
111 (no replenishment): None
110 (no replenishment): None
109 (replenish with a 3): Barkin' Larkin', Will Shakespeare
108 (no replenishment): None
107 (replenish with a 3): War

84 (replenish with a 3): Chasin' Jason
83 (no replenishment): None
82 (replenish with a 3): Famine
81 (no replenishment): None

-S-P-R-I-N-T- -F-I-N-I-S-H- -L-I-N-E-

71 (replenish with a 3): Buhrt

Addresses of the Participants - Their Team and Their Cards (x) is played card this turn

TEAM 1 (The Wrecking Crew): Harry Andruschak, PO Box 5309, Torrance, CA 90510-5309, (310) 835-9202

(1 point) sarareichert of

Team Leader: Thanatos
A: War 3 3 3 (3)
B: Pollution 6 3 8 (10)
C: Pestilence 3 4 4 (15)
D: Famine 3 3 3 (3)

TEAM 2 (The Evangelists): Eric Brosius, 53 Bird Street, Needham MA 02492

(28 points) 72060.1540 of CompuServe.COM

A: Matthew Finished! (6)
B: Mark 8 3 4 (15)
C: Luke 4 3 6 (15)
D: John 4 10 3 (12)

TEAM 3 (Brit Pack): John Harrington, 1 Churchbury Close, Enfield, Middlesex, EN1 3UW UK

(19 points) johnh of, fiendish of

A: Alfred the Great 3 3 3 3 (6)
B: Sir Isaac Newton 9 4 8 (10)
C: Will Shakespeare 3 3 3 (6)
D: John Logie-Baird 4 3 4 (15)

TEAM 4 (Amateur League Inciting Cycle Exchange): Tom Howell, 365 Storm King Road,

(64 points) Port Angeles, WA 98363; off-the-shelf of

A: White Rabbit Finished! (4)
B: March Hare Finished!
C: Mad Hatter 4 6 3 (14)
D: Mock Turtle 10 3 8 (10)

TEAM 5 (The Mainiacs): David Partridge, 15 Woodland Drive, Brookline, NH 03033

(7 points) rebhuhn of

A: Darrell A 3 8 3 3 (10)
B: Darrell B 4 6 6 (10)
C: Darrell C 10 3 3 (15)
D: Buhrt 3 3 3 (3)

TEAM 6 (The Flat Wheel Society): John Schultz, PO Box 1322, Valparaiso, IN 46384, (219) 462-0474

(5 points)

A: Broke Leg Meg 3 3 3 3 (6)
B: Shane the Chain 4 3 8 (10)
C: Barkin' Larkin' 3 4 3 (6)
D: Chasin' Jason 3 3 3 (3)

Game Notes:

1) When I add your replenishment card from now on, it always will be the LAST card in your list.

2) There are now six riders essentially dropped from the pack, which is quite amazing. And Alfred the Great and Broke Leg Meg each have four threes, but at least Alfred is going to slip across the finish line with one of those.

3) There are five more scores to be claimed (10,8,6,4,2) and if I were really smart I would have figured out who would score them, but there are a bunch of tie breakers (and amazingly some of the riders at 116 can't make it across!) so I'll figure it out next time. But it does look like Eric will beat out John for Second Place overall. Ummmm, is it Darrell C, Alfred the Great, Mad Hatter, Mark, and John in that order??


(GOSPELERS to ALICE): We have to hand it to you; we don't know how you did it, but you sure proved your superiority in this game.

(ALICE): Mark gets a card! Brits slip to third... gotta get some new glasses.

(HERALDS OF CHRIST to CARROLLINGIAN CHARACTERS): On the other hand, we hope to give the Brit Pack all they can handle in the race for second place!


(MARCH HARE to MAD HATTER): You go! The Queen is watching!

(FIELD to ALICE): You're right. The Horsemen just seemed touh, die at the end.

FEAR AND WHISKEY: 1998Ers31, Modern Diplomacy



Fall 2004

BRITAIN (Schultz): f NOR S f bal-swe, f NWG S f nth, a swe-DEN, f EDI S f nth,

f bal-SWE, f lon-ENG, f NTH h.

EGYPT (J. O'Donnell): f ALE S f aeg-eme, f ION-lbs, a SYR S a irk,

a TUN S SPANISH a lib, a IRK S UKRANIAN a ada-irn (nso), f aeg-EME.

GERMANY (Rauterberg): f bhm-BAL, a sax-SIL, f den-HEL, f FIN-stp,

f bel-PIC, a AUS S ITALIAN a ser-hun, a als-RUH, a BOR S a auv, f hol-BEL, a GDA-lit,

a CZE-slo, a WAR-lit, a AUV h, a SWI S a aus, f hel-HOL, a LYO S a swi,

a kra-bie (d ann).

ITALY (Ozog): f TYS S f lig-gol, f MAL S f tys, a ser-HUN, a ven-CRO, f LIG-gol,

a pie-MIL, f LBS-ion, a MAR h, a nap-APU, f izm-IST.

SPAIN (S. O'Donnell): f GOL S a bar, f ALG S EGYPTIAN a tun, a LIB S EGYPTIAN a tun,

f WME S f gol, a NAV S a bar, a BAR S a nav.

UKRAINE (Partridge): a POD S a bie-kra, a crp-BIE, f ist-AEG, a ank-IZM,

a ANA S a ank-izm, a IRN S a ada, a bie-KRA, a SLO-cze, a LAT S a lit, f wbs-RUM,

a MOS-stp, a LIT h, f GRE S f ist-aeg, a ADA h, a bul-SER, a hun S a bul-ser (d ann).

Supply Center Chart

BRITAIN (Schultz): EDI,LIV,LON,ire,nor,mur,stp, (has 7, bld 2)
EGYPT (J. O'Donnell): ALE,ASW,CAI,isr,sau,tun (has 6, even)
GERMANY (Rauterberg): BER,FRA,HAM,MUN,hol,cze (has 16, rem 2)
ITALY (Ozog): NAP,ROM,VEN,cro,mon,mil, (has 10, rem 1)
SPAIN (S. O'Donnell): SVE,MAD,BAR,gib,por,mor,lib (has 6, bld 1)
UKRAINE (Partridge): KHA,KIE,ODE,SEV,ros,rum,bul, (has 15, bld 4)
Neutral: none (Total=64)

Addresses of the Participants

BRITAIN: John Schultz, PO Box 1322, Valparaiso, IN 46384, (219) 614-1406

probo of

EGYPT: Jeff O'Donnell, 402 Middle Ave., Elyria, OH 44035-5728, (440) 322-2920 ($4)

FRANCE: Harry Andruschak, PO Box 5309, Torrance, CA 90510-5309, (310) 835-9202 ($5)

Tapmdfrance of

GERMANY: Paul Rauterberg, 3116 W. American Dr., Greenfield, WI 53221, (414) 281-2339 (E-Mail)

trauterberg of

ITALY: Eric Ozog, PO Box 1138, Granite Falls, WA 98252-1138, (360) 691-4264 ($4)

ElfEric of

POLAND: Roland Sasseville, Jr., 38 Bucklin Street, Pawtucket, RI 02861, (401) 481-4280 ($5)

roland6 of and ICQ: 40565030

RUSSIA: Randy Ellis, 3116 McGee, Apt. 1N, Kansas City, MO 64111, (816) 931-8406

surfeit of

SPAIN: Sean O'Donnell, 2219 Grafton Road, Grafton, OH 44044 ($5)

sean_o_donnell of, seanside of

TURKEY: Kent Pollard, 1541 W. San Jose, Fresno, CA 93711, (209) 225-0957 ($10)

UKRAINE: Dave Partridge, 15 Woodland Drive, Brookline, NH 03033 ($8)

rebhuhn of

Game Notes:

1) Check out the Modern Dip web page at:

2) I'm going to start a quiet interest list down here in the next Modern game. I don't want to start it until this game is done or nearly done, but with ten players it may take awhile, so I'll start now. Rick Desper is in to be one of the players.

3) John Schultz has a new phone number and an E-Mail address. As far as I can tell to this point, he seems to check both only during the week and not on weekends, but as they are new to him, this may not be accurate. In any case, you can leave voice mail messages directly for him on the phone number.


(THE MEKONS QUOTE OF THE MONTH): ``Life is a debt that must someday be paid; Born where we were born has left us helpless and self-obsessed.'' Taken from the ``Last Night on Earth'' off of Journey to the End of the Night, which was clearly the best album of the year 2000!!

(SPAIN-MEKONS QUOTER): Is the curse of the mekons to confuse the readers of the szine or does everyone forget that I'm only 20 and I started the game when I was 17 so a lot of it flies over my head for a strafing run. ((It is not aimed at you, and the Mekons don't confuse just you either. In any case, the point is NOT to confuse, but to enlighten.... I'm patient about it.))

(SPAIN-GERMANY AND BRITAIN): No offense intended but will you make up your minds whether you're friends or foes? I know, let's leave Eng alone, the oceans are beautiful without military presence in them.

(KENT OZOG to JEFF O'DONNELL): I just want you to know that there are no hard feelings about your Egyptian invasion of Turkey. I realize that this is just a game and that betrayal is simply a part of it. My apologies for not responding to your letter. Maybe someday we can be allies in another game. I hope we can still be friends, yours truly, Kent.

(BOOB SAYS): Now isn't THAT special!!!

(ROME-MADRID): One last act of defiance before we solidify our alliance!

(SPAIN-ITALY): Here's Johnny (Snirkt) What bub! Never saw I man with claws before.

(ROME): Rumor has it the Flying Brain is pulling the Floating Brain's electrodes.

(ROME-CAIRO): I guess Italian legions will never get to visit the pyramids...sigh.

(ITALY-GM): Do you know how many times I have officially flipped? I have lost count. ((I have some sort of idea.... the question is, have you actually BECOME Kent??? That would be quite a flip.))

(CAPTAIN'S LOG): Even more confused; I received a tactical analysis from the Klingons on our Romulan/Ferengi situation and the Klingons believe that the Romulans are about to attack the Ferengi. The Romulans have maneuvered into and/or surrounded four Ferengi star bases. This report looks on the surface to be too good to be true. We have received no communication from the Romulans or the Ferengi, so all we can do is wait and see. We still have no real intelligence ((That's for sure!!! Whoops, never mind, it goes on....)) as to the whereabouts of Chekov and Spock. Kirk out.

(SEAN-JEFF AND THE MEKONS): Tell you both what if you both quit then I'll stop all my press. Anyone agreed????? Hands.? ((I'm certainly not going to stop until Jeff does, and probably not even then. Since I run things around here, I control the press, and besides, I LIKE press!!! Bring it on..... of course, I'd love it more if Jeff got E-Mail and typed it for me.))

(SPANISH NEWS): ........................ We're speechless. ((You KNOW we don't believe that, and the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming....))

(SPAIN-UKRAINE): Great, all we need now is to get some nukes or something I want to blow something sky high though if we did my first choice and top priority is the GM and a close second by the Mekons and an extremely close third is the Star Trek press writer my dear uncle. Though the funny thing is I'm still growing up I think he never did.

(EGYPT to SPANISH PRESS): Is it possible you could print something I understand? (is it possible you could say something I understand?)

(BERLIN to LONDON): You know, you've got a bigger mouth than you do a brain....

SHOW ME THE MONEY: 1997Mea04, Colonial Diplomacy



Final Supply Center Chart - From Last Season

BRITAIN (York): DEL,HK,SIN,mal,cey,aden,ban,mad (has 8)
FRANCE (Sasseville): TON,may,u.bur,ass,bom, (has 7, PLAYED ONE SHORT)
HOLLAND (Desper): BOR,SUM,JAVA,SAR,new,dav, (has 11)
JAPAN (K. Ozog): TOK,KYU,OTA,KYO,vla,fus,sak, (has 12),seo,sha,mac,pek
RUSSIA (Williams): MOS,OMSK,ODE,rum,mon,ang,tab, (has 17)
TURKEY (Tallman): sud,bag (has 2)
Neutral: none (Total=58)

Addresses of the Participants

BRITAIN: Andy York, PO Box 201117, Austin, TX 78720-1117

wandrew of

CHINA: Rich Goranson, 4351 Chestnut Ridge Road, #7 Amherst, NY, 14228-3227 ($5)

ForlornH of

FRANCE: Roland Sasseville, Jr., 38 Bucklin Street, Pawtucket, RI 02861, (401) 481-4280 ($5)

roland6 of and ICQ: 40565030

HOLLAND: Rick Desper, 703 Monroe Street, Apt #302, Rockville, MD 20850, (301) 545-0143 (E-Mail)

rick_desper of or desper of

JAPAN: Kurt Ozog, 391 Wilmington Drive, Bartlett, IL 60103, 630-837-2813

heyday6 of

RUSSIA: Don Williams, 27505 Artine Drive, Saugus, CA 91350, (661) 297-3947 ($4)

wllmsfmly of

TURKEY: Terry Tallman, 3805 SW Lake Flora Road, Port Orchard, WA 98367, (360) 874-0384 ($0)

terryt of

GM: Jim-Bob Burgess, 664 Smith Street, Providence, RI 02908-4327, (401) 351-0287

Game Notes:

1) Hey, we're already late.... SC chart forthcoming sometime. I'm waiting for Don Williams.... ;-)

Press and End Game Comments:

No more here yet..... they're probably waiting for that spellbinding SC chart.

Personal Note to You:

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