Snoopy (Sopwith T316TN)

Turn 9

Snoopy Turn 8

Tinamou home

Bart and the Uber-Zpt meet almost face to face, but only von Saxe remembers to pull the trigger. He uses the rest of his ammo to score two hits on Lucy as well. Please note that to re-supply or repair your plane you must land at your home airport. I've added designations to the airports in case anyone has forgotten where they started. Now for the mea culpas. Going back through the turns I missed some damage counts. Karl should actually have shot Robert down last turn. However, Brendan should not be penalized for maneuvering against a plane he thought was there. Therefore I'm splitting the bonus for shooting down Robert between them and giving each 3 points.

Player Pilot   Position Facing Ammo Plane Points Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Brad Martin Captain Ralph Start K7 E 10 12 1 RT (L7) A (M7) A (N7)
    End N7 SE 10 12 1      
Brendan Whyte Uber-Zpt. Totenhosen von Saxe-Iceburg-Melta Start L15 E 3 9 15 RS (M15) -FLA RS (N15) -FA A (O16)
    End O16 E 0 9 15+4+1+1+3=24      
Robert Dowrey Bartholemew Bandy Start M17 W 7 1 3 LT (M16) RT (L15) RT (K15)
    End K15 NW 7 1-4=OUT 3-5=2      
Jim Tretick Captain Chaos Start N8 E 13 1 3 A A A
    End Q11 E 13 1 3      
Karl Schmit Lieutenant Lucy Start O16 NE 0 5 13 A -FA A RT
    End P19 E 0 5-2=3 13+3=16      
Wind Direction: