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         I'm up late tonight(late Thursday,early Friday) and this came in from Don just after 1AM here in Memphis almost an hour ago. You (and you and you and you) are getting it because Don asked each one of us to forward it to everyone on this list just in case his new mailing system isn't delivering it to all of you.  Don says in the game report he'd like you to let him know if you got your copy directly from him or not. Glad I'm not the one that NMRed (because those were my moves and my press---well most of it was mine anyway) but I'm sorry to have to pull out after I initially agreed to play. (I had told Don I might have to in advance). I hope when you see my moves you'll understand why I made the moves that I did------because some critical emails surprisingly went unanswered.   Anyway,  it looks like it will be a lively game. Til later.........Gary

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From: Don Williams 

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Cc: Scott Williams;Scott Wilk;Ryan Wheeler;John Bovee;Greg Bond;Dave Peterson

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08.01.02                                                                                                        Number 14

Deny Everything

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“To git thar the fustest with the mostest.” – Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest on military success 

“My center is giving way, my right is in retreat; situation excellent.  I shall attack!” – French Marshal  Ferdinand Foch

“Is it possible to succeed without any act of betrayal?" –   Jean Renoir


Renaissance:  Welcome to the "rebirth" of "ILIAD", alias 2002 B, after its near-death following the 7 NMRs.  Thank you guys(and Daf) for agreeing to keep this one alive (or what I took to be agreement in one case---hope you know who you are---you should get a note with your game report from me clarifying this) as an early birthday present to me so I can continue to hone my GMing skills.  I'll always remember your foolheartiness, uh, generosity in doing so.  Seriously, thanks.  Thanks for the press as well. Lots of black press since anyone can write from any dateline in this game.

NMR/Game Abandonment Fees: Original Iliad players, because they abandoned this game, owe $25.00 each penalty fee.  This money does not go to me but is forwarded by me to the Diplomacy Hobby's Orphan Game Project Director helping to defray costs of re-housing abandoned Dip games, mainly postage costs and to discourage this type of irresponsible behavior.  Please try to get your $25.00 to me by August 15th at the latest and be sure that the checks are made out in my name, payable to: "Donald M. Williams". Players owing $25.00 apiece(though there is always the right of appeal) are:  Scott Williams, Scott Wilk, Ryan Wheeler, John Bovee, Greg Bond and Dave Peterson.

Publication: Readers of DE  in TAP  haven't seen the Spring 1902 season so it is below in this issue with the countries under the old players' names and with updated game notes.  Fall 1902 with the new guys' names and moves (and press!) is right after that with more information in the game notes. Don't always expect me to get the results out this quickly but you know that.

Odyssey:  Since all the "ODYSSEY" players are now also in this "ILIAD"  game, just a reminder that your deadline for that game is Thursday, August 8, 2002, 9:00 pm Pacific.

No Press Gunboat Game:  I am starting a new game.  I have three openings left. It will be a No Press Gunboat game.  I’ve never offered one before, but based on a recent discussion with a Hobby friend, I thought I would give it a try.  If you want in, let me know.  I’ll tell you right now, it will be aggressive and bloody.

Generic Standbys:    Bob Olsen, Steve Emmert and Andy Lischett have volunteered to be what I call "generic standbys". Each season they will write orders for all seven countries and if one of the regular players fails to submit orders by the deadline,  I'll randomly choose one of the three's orders so that no country's position will be catastrophically damaged. Only one of you this time didn't submit orders. This player will not lose his position unless he NMRs twice in a row.  As GM,  it will not be my policy to publicly indicate who NMRed. You know who you are and I'll privately inform you.  Please don't let it happen again.

Dip Wives Dept:  Stephanie, like Anne Marie ("Mrs Chum") O'Kelley, has been using this computer more than me lately.  She's installed a new mailing feature that I'm going to use for this game for the first time so I hope the copy gets through(I've had some troubles during the past three weeks with emails not getting delivered) and isn't scrambled. Let me know if you get it and, when/if you get this, please hit the "Reply All" button and send it to the others just to be doubly sure that it reaches them.




                        Mazzerman's CensoredPress34      Been There, Done That, Doing ItAgain?


Generic  Standbys                       5     With this game's history,GSare the only way to go!


                        Early GM Birthday Gift5   Thanks guys for salvaging this game!


Arsenic Reborn?                   34    Same England. Same Turkey. A Steve in Germany. A female

                                    in Austria.  A Southern Californian in Italy. The Boob's in                                                                 Rumania again. And an incredible GM.


        Mail Marshal + Gwava6   Sanctimonious 'Net Nannies' are a pain in the "ssa" 


                        Mormon Lying6 What would Moroni Say?  Pass the M&Ms


"Old" Iliad interaction               6  Germany NMRs while Austria, Russia and Turkey all stand

                                                   and hold.  The Cost? $150.00 smackers ($25.00 X 6 players)


                "New" Iliadinteraction5  Fireworks! 3 retreats, sea battles,3 bounces, 3NSOs,

                                                     land battles, 3 builds and 2 neutrals. The Cost? Priceless.


 Daf now a Diplomat                    5      Red Duchess now Red Archduchess


Diplomacy is the copyrighted product of Osama Bin Laden and all reproductions or other uses of the product in this publication are intended solely for personal entertainment and are not intended to infringe on those rights in any way.  All costs of this publication are borne by Al Qaeda and others at a financial loss and are without profit or other commercial intent, except to promote the play and enjoyment of the game.  Diplomacy can be purchased from Osama Bin Laden or other terrorist distributors.  I own seventeen thousand copies of the game and will certainly buy more – you can’t have too many.

Deny Everything is produced by Don Williams and the players of Deny Everything.  DE#14 is DipNation publication #666.

2002 B  ILIAD


Spring 1902    


Spring 1902:

OAustria (Ryan Wheeler)                        A VIE H, F TRI H, A BOH H, A BUL H, F GRE H.

OEngland (Corky Clark)                          F lpl – IRI, F nwg – NTH, F NWY S F nwg – NTH, A LON H.

OFrance (Scott Williams)                        A par – PIC, A BUR S A a – mun(imp*), A mar – PIE, F por – SPA(sc).

OGermany (Greg Bond?)                         NMR!  A MUN h, A SIL h, F KIE h, F HOL h.

OItaly (John Bovee)                                F tun – WES, F nap – ION, A rom – TUS, A VEN H.

ORussia (Dave Peterson)                        A GAL H, A MOS H, A SEV H, A WAR H, F RUM H, F SWE H.

OTurkey (Scott Wilk)                              F CON S F BLA, F BLA S F CON, A ARM H.


* There was no way for GM to determine what A BUR was trying to do.



Game Notes:

           neutral supply centers existed at that time but not after Fall 1902 with this new crew of old

           hands !  


Supply Centers Held as of Winter 1901

Austria              Bud  Tri  Vie  Bul  Gre                                                                 5

England             Edi  Lon  Lpl  Nwy                                                                       4

France              Bre  Mar  Par  Por                                                                      4

Germany           Ber  Kie  Mun  Hol                                                                       4

Italy                  Nap  Rom  Ven  Tun                                                                   4

Russia               Mos  Sev  Stp  War  Rum  Swe                                                    6

Turkey              Ank  Con  Smy                                                                           3

Neutral              Ser  Den  Spa  Bel                                                                      4

                                                                                                                        34         TOTAL


2002 B  ILIAD


Fall 1902    


Fall 1902:

OAustria (Daf Langley)                           AVie-BUD, F Tri-ALB, A Boh-VIE, A Bul S (TUR) F Bla-Rum(NSO), F GRE S A BUL

OEngland (Corky Clark)                          F IRI-Mao, F NTH C A LON-Bel, F NWY-Stp(nc), A LON-Bel.

OFrance (Gary Coughlan)                       A PIC S A BUR-Bel, A BUR-Bel, A PIE S (AUS) F Tri-Ven                                                      (NSO)(d; r Mar,Tya,OTB), F SPA(sc) H.

OGermany (Steve Cooley)                       A MUN-Bur, A SIL-War(d; r Ber,Boh,Pru,OTB), F Kie-DEN, F HOL S (ENG) A LON-Bel.

OItaly (Mike Mazzer)                              F WES-Mao, F Ion-AEG, A Tus-PIE, A VEN S A Tus-PIE

ORussia (Jim Burgess)                            AGal-SIL, A MOS-Stp, A SEV S F RUM(d; r Ukr,OTB), A WAR S A Gal-SIL, F RUM S (TUR) F BLA-Bul(ec)(NSO), F SWE-Den.

OTurkey (Jim O'Kelley)                           F CON-Bul(sc), F BLA S A Arm-SEV, A Arm-SEV.


Game Notes:


Supply Centers Held as of Winter 1902

Austria              Bud  Tri  Vie  Bul  Gre                                                                 5   +0/Even

England             Edi  Lon  Lpl  Nwy                                                                       4   +0/Even

France              Bre  Mar  Par  Por................SPA                                                             5+1/Build 1(IfOTB,build 2)

Germany           Ber  Kie  Mun  Hol................DEN                                                             5+1/Build 1(IfOTB,build 2)

Italy                  Nap  Rom  Ven  Tun                                                                   4  +0/Even

Russia               Mos  Stp  War  Rum  Swe....../S/e/v/                                                       5 -1/Remove 1(IfOTB,even)

Turkey              Ank  Con  Smy......................SEV                                                                                   4 +1/Build1

Neutral              Ser  Bel                                                             ............................../D/e/n/.../S/p/a/2

                                                                                                                        34         TOTAL




GM to GAME: What the hell, let's just jump right on in......

A-MAZING MAZZERMAN to DAF:  Guess which way my "Tower of Pisa" leans !

TSAR TO ARCHDUCHESS:  My tumescent turgidity is abundant!

DAF to GAME: My motto is, take it easy but take it.....

ROME to GM: I hate to keep sounding like a broken record but why do you keep NOT printing my press releases?  You left out my Rhett Butler press last time.

GM to ROME:  Geez, sorry Mazzerman but frankly my dear, I don't give a...nmad......I think it's the Gwava monitoring system here in the office, Santa Clarita's version of Daf's "Mail Marshal".  Try sending your press to my home email instead from now on and hopefully that will solve the problem. Though your "Rhett" press technically belongs in the Odyssey press, I'll put it in here since I seem to be making a habit of overlooking your press "gems" lately for whatever reasons. 

England - Italy:  Well fiddle - dee -dee Rhett Coughlan, heah are y'all with that Kaiser - boy, prancin' about with yoah earbobs danglin' and yoah haiah all done up like a scarlett lady.  A propuh suthun lady
should show some self respect!

SOCRATES: Methinks that the "scarlett lady" you refer to is actually the Red Duchess....alias Daf....

VIENNA to ROME: Wanna play Mark Antony to my Cleopatra, Big Boy?  Don't worry, I'm not like the Serpent of the Nile-------I'm "Danube Daf".

GM to RED DUCHESS:  And that's not the only thing about you that's "Double D" ! Speaking of which, it's time for the........

THE BRESTIAN CHRONICLES-{Brest]......Arsenic deja vu?....."Machiavelli" Mazzer?....Proverbs 9:17...Belgium or Bust!...

SOCRATES to FRANCE:  This season the word is "bust", and, for the final word in bust, "Double D" Daf says.....

RED DUCHESS to GM: Seems that Austrian Empress Maria Theresa(1740-1780), mother of 13,would often also suckle peasant babies on her journeys through her empire at "the Imperial Breast".  Wanna suckle, Honeysuckle?

GM to RED DUCHESS: Is it true that those things become insouciantly pert,  travel in pairs and can get pretty aggressive? 

RUSSIA to TURKEY:  Elijah Wood was never a browser of the week!

GM to RUSSIA: What? Having a subject and a verb is a good press start for you but you could have put it into Cyrillic script and it would have made just as much sense as it does now.

[PARIS]-  Let me get this straight...... Germany NMRed and every Austrian, Turkish and Russian unit just held in place doing NOTHING? And then the next season all seven countries NMRed after that?

SOCRATES to PARIS:  They're would've NMRed. Actually the German standby, Steve Cooley, turned orders in and, I have been reminded, so had the English player Corky Clark but I didn't see any point in adjudicating that season though there was some disappointment with my decision.....

Berlin to GM:  So what if 6 out 7 players didn't submit orders?  I did and this was a game I could have won! You let it stand the season before when Germany was the only one to NMR.  I say let the chips fall where they may. Tomorrow should have belonged to me!  Curses, foiled again!

England to Don: I did so send orders in!  Here's a copy of my June 28th email proving it.

GM to ENGLAND:  It's a moot point now and so is your position as England.  And I really cannot believe that you would lie to other players in this game so I have no choice but to remove you from Iliad after this season. You're not the only one who needs to think about what type of Diplomacy player you should aspire to be.....

BOOB to CHUM:  Don't be  "Turtle Turkey" again like you were in Arsenic and just sit there all game.

GM to BOOB:  I don't think you have to worry about that.  Maybe you do....

CONSTANTINOPLE to RUSSIA:  Sorry about Sevastopol, ol' Chum.  Oh wait, that's me.  I mean that's mine (I hope). Oh never mind.

GM to BOOBISH RUSSIA:  I was hoping since your country was the biggest that you'd be sure and print "DENY EVERYTHING"  in "THE ABYSSINIAN PRINCE".  Guess there's no chance of that for awhile now that Russia under your leadership is the first country to have a removal. So what do you say?

RUSSIA to GAME: You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull the mask off that ol' Lone Ranger and you don't mess around with Jim!

GM to RUSSIA:  Doesn't the rest of that Jim Croce song go this way......"he was cut in a hundred places and shot in a couple more" ?  Maybe you should have translated it into Turkish.


SOCRATES:  Thanks, I think.

SWITZERLAND- Hi hcuot enots, how am I doing?

Moscow to London:  And they call the wind moriah.

GM to Moscow:  Ask me if I Carey....

AUSTRIA to TURKEY:  I hope you remember what happened to your Turkey the last time you double-crossed a  female-ruled Austria.  Does the name "Kathy Caruso" ring a bell?  You better have learned your lesson because I can be a most excellent remedial teacher should the need arise.  Or should anything else "arise".

ITALY to AUSTRIA:  Let me be your "Count of Monte Crisco" !

GM to MAZZERMAN:  That's "Cristo" but I think Daf's more than willing....

AUSTRIA to FRANCE: Why don't we double-team Mikey-boy?  I'll take care of his front area and you can watch out for his rear.

PARIS to ROME:  Don't worry, I got your back, lover!

MAZZERMAN to FRANCE:  You get out of my Piedmont!

AUSTRIA TO ITALY: How'd you like to be in the middle of a menage-a-trois with me and France?  I call it the "beast with two backs"?

GM to AUSTRIA:  I bet both backs get stabbed in this game! And now it's "Question Time"

PARIS to SOCRATES:  Why have you surrounded my nation with Californians?  Well if they are from San Francisco I might could learn to like it I suppose.

ENGLAND to ILIAD:  Anybody else like Van Halen and Ted Nugent?  Diamond Dave rocks!

ITALY to ALL:  Any of the new guys here soccer fanatics like I am?

GM to TURKEY:  Chum, have you got any answers for these guys?

CONSTANTINOPLE:  I have many talents but omniscience isn't one of them.

GM to CONSTANTINOPLE:  Maybe you can help out on this next press release?  Please?

ST Petersburg:  Well see, Mr. Officer, Sir--BLAP!!!!---Don't hit me no more, yes sir, I'll tell you what happened. Mr. Charles, he was, he was, he was killed outright but Miss Baby was all right and me and Junior turned her head around.

RED DUCHESS TO ILIAD:  Sounds kinky---I'm in!

SOCRATES to DAF:  Is there "anything" that you won't do?

Vienna to Rome:  And I know all about the "beast with two backs"----I was in a sorority after all.  In fact the only thing I haven't done yet is get it simultaneously from both ends by a set of identical male twins Most people don't know that there is a difference between identical twins and fraternal twins and would stop before they had, ahem, attained their goal of experiencing everything. You guys must think I'm an awful flirt.

SOCRATES to VIENNA:  You got someone thinking that's for sure....

Warsaw to Vienna:  Wanna jigglelate my luhtisibles? I'm a voluptuary volunteer.

AUSTRIA to GAME:  I'm just a poor girl who can't say "no" !

GM to Austria:  If you're keeping score that's a "V V" for a "D D", Double D that is.

GM to ILIAD:  "ORIGINAL UNITS---WHERE THEY ARE NOW" this turn looks at.....Italy's Army Venice. Today, two game years later in Fall 1902, Army Venice is still there, having never left Venice at all.  Alone, among all the 22 original units, only Army Venice remains in its starting point  At this rate it may be setting a hobby record.

PARIS to England and Italy: You boys can fight a sea-battle over the Mid-Atlantic if you like, as I'm guessing you did,  but at the end of the day, it's going to be French so prepare to vacate.

SOCRATES to PARIS:  Seems like there is a lot of "sea-ing" going on around you....

Russia to France-  I see Paris, I see France, I see Gary's underpants.

VIENNA to TURKISH BLACK SEA FLEET: You see I offered you my support.  Did you take it?

SOCRATES to VIENNA: He didn't. No doubt AM preferred him in a Wonder Bra instead of your Double D! Stephanie thinks I look best in "A" cups or is that FA cups?

ITALY to GM:  So who do you like for the FA Cup?  Arsenal or Chelsea?

GM to Soccer-Mad Mazzer: I meant to answer this before for you, in the Odyssey press, so I'm reprinting it here.  Chelsea!    Not to despair, one of the geriatric standbys, uh "generic" standbys is also a soccer fan.  Presenting Steve "Judas" Emmert....

STEVE EMMERT to DON WILLIAMS:  Glad to see a growing interest in soccer in the US as shown by the "Deny Everything" press. I absolutely loved the World Cup, but my interest, too, will probably go into hibernation for about three years, until qualification for WC 2006 starts heating up.  I can't get too excited about a Champions' League match between Manchester United and Real Madrid, but I'd have taken any match in the Cup, even for nations I have little interest in.

MARSEILLE to GAME:  Sorry guys but with this season, I can't continue this game.  I found this to be more time-consuming than I thought and it's better to break it off now rather than linger on not able to devote the time necessary that the position deserves. I'm sure Don will find a good replacement.

GM to MARSEILLE:  Woody?!  Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Parigi a gioco padrino:  Volontà "nego tutto"! Quando il tempo è di destra, riceverete la vostra copia. Trasmettereste questo a Andreuccio -- il mio stampatore ancora non sta funzionando. Noti l'indirizzo della duchessa rossa che è sotto. È la mia radura italiana abbastanza nel relativo significato se non cento per cento corretta?

Russia to GM:  Mama told me not to come!

GM to DAF:  Anything to say to that, Daf?

DAF to GM:  No, I won't say it.  It's too dirty and too obvious.

GM to DAF:  Oh, please, give me a break....

Russia to Iliad: Wid me talaria and me ichor, I can't be stopped from going places.

GM to Russia and Iliad: Some of us are already in a place of their own...See you in September!




Arnawoodian, Woody      602 Hemlock Circle, Lansdale, PA  19446    

Burgess, Jim “Boob”        664 Smith Street, Providence, RI  02908-4327        

Clark, DeRees “Corky”     29123 Diablo Place, Castaic, CA  91384                  

Cooley, Steve “Killer”      23927 Ranney House Court, Valencia, CA  91355-3336

Coughlan, Gary “Grimme”  6066 Belle Grove Cove N, Memphis, TN  38115          

Fassio, Mark "Flash"  276 Yates Lane, Pendleton, KY 40055

Langley, Daf “Goddess”  12839 SE 40th PL, Walla Walla Hubba Hubba, WA 98006    

Mazzer, Mike “Goalman” 1900 Kelton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90025          

O’Kelley, Jim “Chum”      664 W. Irving Park Rd., I-6, Chicago, IL  60613       

Olsen, Bob "Iron Fist"  1010 Pecan Street, Brea, CA 92821

Diplomacy is the copyrighted product but the lesson that is to be learned by you  is that you should always read the fine print of any printed material. If there is any doubrt whatsoever on your part now, this publication is indeed a fake.  Che non scorregi !