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The Library of Diplomacy Openings

Welcome to the Library. Here you will find a comprehensive list of all the named Spring 1901 openings for the seven powers in Standard Diplomacy, along with a description of each such opening.

Reading the Library

As mentioned above, the library is divided into seven separate sections, one for each of the Great Powers. At the head of each section is a table, each line of which gives Spring 1901 orders for that power's units, followed by the number of games in which this opening was used, and then the name of the opening (often more than one name, since Diplomacy openings often consist of more than one season of development).

The opening name(s) provided are described in more detail below the table. You can get directly to the description of the opening by clicking your mouse on the opening name. The citations are taken from Diplomacy A-Z (the bible of the electronic hobby), and from The Gamer's Guide to Diplomacy.

Austria 17944
England 9213
France 12341
Germany 28735
Italy 17837
Russia 91562
Turkey 5515

Figures for total openings for each power were obtained from the Blast From the Past article, "How Many Openings Are There?", found in the Spring 1995 Retreat Issue of The Diplomatic Pouch Zine.