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Finding new editions of Diplomacy variants

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Finding new editions of Diplomacy variants

Since Hasbro has not re-released Colonial Diplomacy or Machiavelli, these two games are now out of print. I don't know of anywhere that still sells Machiavelli new. There are still a few places that are selling Colonial Diplomacy new. However, this list has gone from 9 in my last update of the Guide to 4 now, so these are selling out. Since supplies are diminishing and shipping costs vary, I'm including all the places I know of that still sell Colonial Diplomacy.

In addition to those Avalon Hill games, three new commercial versions of Diplomacy variants have been released for the first time in 2000: Ard-Ri, Classical Diplomacy and Hundred. These are now available for sale online as well.

You can also sometimes copies of Diplomacy variants up for auction on Ebay. Ebay frequently lists copies of Colonial Diplomacy for sale, sometimes new and sometimes used. Machiavelli comes up less frequently and generally runs pretty high prices used.

You can get a list of Diplomacy items on auction at Ebay via this link.

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