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Diplomacy Buyer's Guide

Finding good deals on the MicroProse computer version of Diplomacy (and software in general) in the U.S.

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Click here if you are interested in buying the MicroProse edition outside of the U.S.

As a caveat, the MicroProse computer version of Diplomacy has not received the greatest of reviews from the media or from users. You might want to check past discussions on (e.g. at for opinions.

Diplomacy is now officially out of print, having ceased production less than a year after its release. Because of it's lack of success, it is available relatively inexpensively right now. In fact, it's available for "free" at The word free is in quotes because this is one of those sites that gives away free software and makes their profit on shipping and handling charges, which is $7.50 per item. Still, a price $7.50 shipped is not bad considering that the original retail price was $39.99.

In the past I also received a number of reports of Diplomacy being on sale in clearance bins at various stores. These reports are somewhat outdated by now, but if you want to take a look, WalMart had it for varying prices under $10. I also heard reports that it was available in several KB chain stores (KB Toys, KB Toyworks) for $4.00 (check the clearance or software clearance section if they have one).

As for buying it online, the game was available at for $9.90 for quite a while, but it seems finally to have sold out. It can still be found at various online merchants, but mainly still at or near list price, which is not really worth it. Your best bet for buying it online would be Ebay, where plenty of copies are available at any given time. You shouldn't have to pay more than $10 for a new copy. If you wait a bit, you can also find the occasional used copy, which sell for even less. You can find copies of the Diplomacy software at Ebay by clicking here.

Buying the MicroProse computer version of Diplomacy outside the U.S.

In searching around the web, I came across a number of online stores in the UK and Germany which are now shipping the game. I presume they will ship internationally at least within the European Union if not everywhere, though I haven't inquired to confirm this.

As a more recent update, it appears that Microprose Diplomacy in the UK has followed the sales pattern it had un the US in at least some of the UK retailers. I have gotten updates from two different people letting me know it was available at clearance price in stores, one of which was an Electronics Boutique where the game was selling for 4 Pounds Sterling. The GAME store chain sells the game for 4.99 Pounds Sterling, and Diplomacy is also available online at that price at their web site

In addition to trying any of the places listed below, you might also take a look at Ebay. There are currently plenty of copies for sale there, most of which sell for $10-$15. You'll have to make sure that a given seller will ship outside of the U.S. since not all of them do, but many sellers will. find copies of the Diplomacy software at Ebay by clicking here.

Note that all the shops listed below are zShops (which let individuals set up web-based stores), and may not be established businesses with a long history. Be sure to check the pages for the vendor's rating which rates the seller from zero to five stars (click on the stars to see the actual comments left by customers). Once again prices do not include shipping so be sure to do comparison shopping.

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